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In Topic: Merging

30 January 2011 - 10:16 PM

To expand on Bill47's very good idea:

(Assuming the merge is for people)

I would like to see two side-by-side panes initialy: one with the 'primary' and the second with the possible 'mergee'.
If the 'mergee' is NOT the correct one, then a back button to select a new 'mergee'.
If the 'mergee' IS the correct one, a pane with all facts (sorted by date/sort date within fact type) would be displayed preceeded by a check box.

After selecting which facts to merge, a new pane is displayed with the proposed merged record.
If the result is NOT satifactory then, a back button to the previous step.
If the result IS satisfactory then, a button to execute the merge. (With possibly a 'Are you really, REALLY sure about this?' warning.)

At which point the two records are merged and the 'mergee's' record and facts are deleted.

Master lists (Place, source, etc.) could be handled in a similar fashion.

In Topic: Narrative report numbering problem?

31 December 2010 - 06:08 AM

Thanks kbens0n. (And to whoever moved the topic out of 'Issues'.) The only true issue was my faulty reading of multiple explanations for the last 30+ years.

See example (Wikipedia.com):