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In Topic: MyRootsMagic websites are SOOOO basic!

27 January 2016 - 06:54 AM

Why would someone switch from Ancestry/Family Tree to RootsMagic, then list all sorts of complaints (in multiple threads) with RootsMagic.  Not saying that there isn't room for improvement with RootsMagic, but those of us that have been using RootsMagic for some time, do not want a clone of Ancestry/Family Tree Maker (any more than we wanted a clone of TMG when TMG refugees switched to RM).  I have owned several versions of FTM and RootsMagic is far superior.  If I had wanted a program like Ancestry/FTM, I would have used Ancestry/FTM - I didn't want that.

In Topic: Why such confusing terminology + other requests?

27 January 2016 - 06:47 AM

I know some of these "suggestions" are intended to be constructive criticism, but I find it very insulting to the long term users of RootsMagic when someone transfers from another software package and starts requesting changes that will accommodate what they are used to.  Sorry, but the folks who have been using RM for awhile should not be required to change their methods and terminology to accommodate someone who made the choice to switch programs, but doesn't want to be inconvenienced by learning new methods and terminology. 

In Topic: Another Genealogy Program Apparently Gone

09 December 2015 - 08:36 PM

Sad that RootsMagic is preying on the confused and angry masses.   Given that:


1) the current version of FTM will continue to work indefinitely, and 2) the current version of RM will not "sync" with Ancestry Member Trees (the biggest gripe), there is no compelling reason for anyone to switch to RM.

Actually, Legacy Family Tree is also offering a special to FTM usrs who WANT or DESIRE to switch.  It's a shame that there are those who see this as preying on folks who apparently are being viewed as poor lost souls.

In Topic: Problem purchasing MyHeritage

30 November 2015 - 06:08 AM

Amazing!  My Data Subscription Purchase was accepted even though it was rejected at its webpage due to the invalid number they gave me to use.  After it was rejected,I got an email from them thanking me for the purchase, blah, blah.  Apparently they were somehow put on alert.


It is sad that sometimes we need to make noises to get access to the same services that the nondisabled get.


So all is ok now.



It's sad sometimes that Americans are so sue happy.  I respect the fact that you are hearing impaired, but don't take it out on the world.  Both I and my domestic partner have disabilities.  My partner has to use a wheelchair to get around.  Neither of us threatens a lawsuit every time we encounter an obstacle that challenges our mobility.

In Topic: Baptism date on person list

19 September 2015 - 05:16 AM

I would be interested in knowing what RootsMagic's rationale is for programming the Christen fact to override a missing birth date, but not programming for the Baptism fact to do the same. Baptism and Christening are two entirely separate and distinc facts. I could be wrong, but I have never heard of an adult being Christened, but it is very common for an adult to be baptized. It is a poor decision in my opinion to tell a user to use the christen fact and just change the wording to say baptism (but, the fact itself will still be labeled christen).