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Export Geocodes to GEDCOM

14 October 2010 - 07:05 PM

I recently purchased the full version of RM4 and have been slowly loading my data into the program.

I have not been using the Place Details field - instead I have been using Place, entering up to 4 levels of data in the format Street, Town, City, Country. And I have entered geocodes for numerous Places, which I see have been entered correctly when I view via Lists, Place Lists from the menu. However, when I attempt to export my data to GEDCOM, the LATI and LONG tags do not export at all.

Interestingly, when I geocode to Place Details level, the LATI and LONG tags do export (to the ADDR tag) but this is not how I want to use the software.

Is this lack of export of Geocode Place tags data a bug, or has it been designed intentionally that way?

Thanks for your help.