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In Topic: Transferring Citations Between Files

02 May 2020 - 06:11 AM

Jerry, thank you for your input as it was a reminder for me to be methodical about the problem. Sussed it. This time in my large database I put in my Test citation against the individual's name fact, which is how I had done it before. The citation that I was having trouble transferring was against the individual's parents fact. So niether citation in the lower section against any event facts. When I moved the individual into the small database and then CHECKED to see what had come over, The Test citation had but the other hadn't. D'oh! Of course, since I was just tranferring the individual the parent-associated citations get left behind. When I copied that parent citation and copied it into the individual's name sources, it copied over just find and then all I had to do was the merge than copy that citation and paste it into the parent fact sources and then delete it from the name fact. Just need to compare the databases now for the people I had to more from the large one to the small one as individuals or jsut with their spouse(s) and make sure no other parent source citations got left behind.


Thanks, community. I can depend on eventually finding an answer here.

In Topic: Transferring Citations Between Files

01 May 2020 - 05:19 PM

Thanks for the replies, but two things:


1. As I noted, I already tried to do the drag/drop/merge and it did not work. The new citation DID NOT move over and appear in the merged individual. It doesn't matter whether I'm doing it from the large file to the small or from the small to the large. Now, in a bit of insanity I do not understand, just for the fun of it I added another citation into an individual but just in free-form. Now that individual has a new citation on a template and a new citation in free-form. Now when I drag and drop and merge the template-based citation WILL NOT come over but the FREE-FORM was does. I'm stumped.


2. Zhangrau, I agree that one large database is ideal and that is how I keep things normally. However, in this case I'm doing a huge project using DNA testing with the donors running back on average 5 generations to the MRCA. In order to use the DNA data in a proof argument to prove relationships (there is NO direct evidence in this project) in a way the meets the GPS I have to demonstrate how complete the trees of all of the donors are on all lines back to the level of the MRCA. I will need to post that eventually as a public tree to Ancestry (or similar) to provide verification of the relationships of all the DNA donors. That means that I will have about 100-200 individuals who I will never be looking at again and who would mess up my already very large database with extraneous people. Honestly, I really don't care about the third great-grandfather on the maternal side of a donor's family when our relationship is on their paternal side, except in the context of this project.


I just want, for the relatively small number of people who will be in both the DNA proof tree and my large database, to not have to redo the source citations in both databases. Seems a bit of an oversight in the programming to not be able to do this. I know the programmers can't think of let alone do everything we would like, but boy do I wish they could.