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Backup Folder

19 February 2015 - 12:35 PM

I have just upgraded to RM7 from RM6.

I created a new backup folder "Rootsmagic7 Backup" and changed all the entries under Program Options / Folders to point to this folder.

If I ask the program to make a backup it places an rmgb file in the correct folder, but when I close the program I get the box that says "Backup the following database?" with the path showing to "RootsMagic6 backup\****.rmgc".


If I make changes to my database it updates the rmgc file in the RM6 folder.


How do I make it put the rmgc file in my RM7 backup folder ?

Price for upgrade to RM7

26 November 2014 - 01:55 PM

I just received an email that states "If you are a current paid user ... you can upgrade for just $19.95".

Further down the email it states that I can buy the complete RM7 for $19.95 ("special holiday offer").

Something not right here.

What about a special holiday upgrade offer ?????

Problem with backup folder path

09 July 2014 - 02:26 PM

When I opened my Rootsmagic today I had a blank screen (i.e. Program opened OK but no tree shown).

I figured I must have done something silly yesterday when I shut the program down so I went to File/Open, but my rmgc file seemed to be an older one (should have had yesterdays date but was in fact several days old).

I figured my rmgc file from yesterday would hopefully be found somewhere on my computer, and I did in fact find it in Dropbox ???

I have the path set for my backups to a folder called "RootsMagic6Backup", and it does indeed still show this under Tools, Program Options, Folders for all the 5 selections.


So how did my latest rmgc end up in Dropbox ?


I have also found that if I click on the rmgc file that is in DropBox, then RootsMagic opens with the database OK, but when I go to close the program the path for backup is now showing to Dropbox, even though it is set to my backup folder in the program.

It looks like the software is remembering the path where rmgc was last opened from and ignoring what is set under Program Options.


The only way I found to get things back to normal was to delete my rmgc file in my backup folder, replace it with a copy from Dropbox, and then start RootsMagic by clicking on that rmgc file in my backup folder.