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Minimizing while in WebSearch

05 February 2010 - 08:38 PM

I just switched from Legacy to RM4 after trying the free RM version for a while. I hope you forgive me if this question has been covered. I did a search but didn't find an answer. When I am in the Websearch tab, I find a census at, say, Ancestry that I want to enter as a source for Bill Jones. I double click on Bill Jones from the Index on the left of the screen and enter a new event and attempt to enter the source. Except now I can't see the Ancestry window because Bill and his two windows are now in front of it!. If I try to minimize the top window to get a better look at the WebSearch area, all of RM4 minimizes. So, the only way I can enter what's in the WebSearch area is to close the Source Citation and Edit Person windows and reopen them over and over until I've gotten all the info entered - or copy it down on paper and then type it in. There has to be an easier way...what am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance for any help :D