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In Topic: Minimizing while in WebSearch

05 February 2010 - 09:43 PM

Thanks, Romer! Your instructions were perfect. I wouldn't have been able to grab that whole URL without your explicit description of how to do it.
I still wonder why those windows can't be minimized though...seems like a logical thing to be able to do, eh?
In any case, you've solved my problem - thanks!

I think that I'd use an internet browser window in conjunction with RM4.

After you've gotten your results in the WebSearch view, right-click in an open area in the results pane, and click on Properties. Click quickly three times on the text to the right of the Address (URL) label to highlight that text, then use Ctrl+C to copy it. Open your browser of choice, and use Ctrl+V to paste it in the Address bar, and click on Enter to find.

You should then be free to move between the Edit Person window in RM4 and your browser window without issue.