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David Finnigan

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Website Files Update

07 April 2018 - 06:28 PM

I am using RM 7.5.5 and the 'Generate Files for a Website' in Rootsmagic 6 Style. I am using my own website.

I really like the format used in the website created and would prefer to stick with the RM option (rather than switching to something else based on a GEDCOM file) if at all possible.

The RM process generates a large number of files - typically about 12,000 files in several folders for 8,000 names.

I was hoping to update the website content fairly regularly - say once every month or two.

With a relatively slow internet connection (in Australia) uploading this number of files is very time consuming - typically many hours. So I was looking for ways to minimise the number of files that need to be transferred each time (ie new and updated files only).

I then discovered that all the files appear to get new names and dates each time the site gets generated - even if the content for a specific person hasn't changed. So any updating process will not work. Also as the names are changing any sync process (between PC and website) will also not work.

So to perform a website update I have to first delete all the existing website files and then copy all the newly created files - at least a day's work each time (which is not practical).

Am I missing something? Does anybody have any suggestions on how to easily maintain a website? Thanks for your help

Regards David


04 February 2018 - 09:50 PM

Two questions about entering DNA stuff:

  1. How would I create a fact that shows that I have found a DNA link between two people?
  2. When I tried to enter DNA test results (using the DNA Test fact), there were only options for mtDNA and Y DNA - not Autosomal DNA. Is there another way of entering these results? Or is this a possible future addition?

Thanks for your help





Publish Tree Online

04 February 2018 - 09:46 PM

I am publishing my RM tree online at my own website. There are no problems with the actual publishing process or the resulting website.


My problems relate to managing the large number of files involved in the website that is created. Currently there are almost 15,000 people in my tree - and I can only see this getting larger.


My first problem was doing updates. Using an FTP sync involved replacing every file (probably 20,000) in the website (as each file gets a new date even if there are no changes) - a very time consuming process. I have got around this problem by comparing the old files with the new files and working out which have changed in size, or are new, since the last update and then only copying these over.


This all worked fine until I had to delete some files from the website. I can do this manually BUT as there are a large number of files in each folder the FTP software WILL NOT display all the files in each folder. This apparently is a server limit - often set at 2,000 files (fortunately my host is set to 10,000 files - but that is still not enough). This means that there are a large number of files that are not visible - so I cannot delete them.


My ISP has advised me that this limit cannot be changed for my site.


Is anyone else experiencing this problem? If so, how do you work around it? How do people manage a website with a large number of people in the pedigree (I'm sure there are others with larger trees than myself)?


Is the solution to split my tree in two - one for myself and one for my wife?


Thanks for any help that anyone can provide.