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In Topic: Media Tags and Shared Events

23 December 2011 - 10:07 AM

Hi Craigg,

For me, the problem is that the old multiple captions for each image, as used in the Media Album have now presumably been lost, resulting in most of my images having the wrong captions. (I have made a lot of changes since moving to RM5, so using an RM4 backup would not work.) I had set out in RM 4 to use logical captions for each use of an image , which you may consider unnecessary, but that is how I did it, and it worked well in RM4; for example, John Smith(1832) 1861 Census. All the other individuals appearing in that census image would have had their own caption, in their own Media Album. In RM5 I now have all the Smith children for that image labelled as John Smith. If I had known that only one caption could be used per image I would have proceeded differently. It don't think there is now anything for Bruce to do, I will just have to go through all the captions, and change them to something more global, it's just a pity that this change was made with perhaps insufficient thought to the consequences for some of us.

In Topic: Dropped spaces

22 December 2011 - 04:33 AM

Thanks Renee. Checking 'use plain text' seems to stop spaces being dropped. I tried pasting into both Notepad and Wordpad. No spaces were dropped, but of course all formatting was lost in Notepad.

I would still like to have the ability to do simple formatting in the Notes, e.g. tabbing so that, for example when copying transcribed census data the family information could be presented more clearly under the usual UK headings of Name, Relation, Condition, sex, age etc.

Regards ...

In Topic: Media Tags and Shared Events

18 December 2011 - 05:25 AM

Please bring back the ability to add different captions for an image. I have images of the census originals for each person in their Media Album. In years gone by it was not uncommon for families to have 10 or more children, and for grandparents to also be living with the family. Having an image of a child with the caption for a grandparent makes no sense. Selecting an image in a gallery displays both the image caption and file name, so I can't see any objection to having different captions for one image. I would be grateful to hear if there is any way to achieve the same result.

In Topic: Media Tags and Shared Events

17 December 2011 - 05:48 AM

Yes, I have just been looking at some of my media files, and I'm not happy. As you say, a single census image may be shared between many family members and over several generations. In RM 4 I carefully provided a different caption to suit each use of the image, but I find that RM 5 appears to have trashed all my hard work and substituted the file name for all my captions. Am I being obtuse or is this a serious bug, and how do I get back to the original captions?

In Topic: Media Tags and Shared Events

17 December 2011 - 05:40 AM

I am looking at RM5 Free version as I have not yet decided whether to upgrade to V5 Full.

Looking at the new Media tagging facility it seems to me that this seems a good way to go and makes a lot of sense, from the limited view I have so far had of it.

What does not work, and seems illogical though, is that the list of where media is "Tagged" does not take note of Shared events.

So in RM4 I have been busy using the Shared event facility to record, for example, Census events across husbands, wives,children, relatives present in the household. I place the scan of the actual census page in the Media for the shared event; so it is visible whichever individual is being looked at.

However, when I look at the same date in RM5 and look at the list of media tags for the census image it only shows the name of the person who has the census record and not all the shared individuals.

Now I may not be looking in the right place, or it might be different in the full version, but if what I am looking at is how it is meant to work then it renders the idea behind the media tagging useless if you use shared events (or vice versa). Either I go back to creating, manually, duplicates of census records for each individual so I can then use media tagging or I carry on using the shared events and the new media pane does not show the full list of where the media is used.