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RM5 will not convert my RM4 file or a backup of rm4

16 January 2012 - 07:39 PM

I have a very Large data base of over 375000 people in it. I have had roots magic ever since there was a RM and even Family Origin
So this is not new to me.
I have two Computers one is a 64 bit comuter and it just lock it up right away on both the old data base and a restore of of the Rm4 file.

the other is a 32 bit dual core intel (Dell) computer and it act like it is working but I have let it set there for 16 hr and it never finish up.
the wheel is still spinning on it but never complete the conversion.

I was able to get a Gedcom file to go into rm5 but I really need to keep my file numbers because I have made a number of index on Census and WW1 records and I have used the file number on those index.

I replied to one message on this board that was similar and they was having problems also.
Is this a bug that they have not fixed or is others having this same problem.

Bill Couch
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