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In Topic: RM5 will not convert my RM4 file or a backup of rm4

17 January 2012 - 05:40 PM

For the record how many media attachments do you have, RM4 do File > Properties, please share.

I just converted a 61000 individual database in 15 seconds but there were only 2350 media attachments, I believe this is where your problem lies.

Why not export the gedcom from RM4, create a new RM5 database, import the gedcom and check the "preserve record numbers" box. That should overcome your problem and maintain your record numbers as you wish.

I have got to keep my Record numbers, I have too many different index made that go back to the file number, A gedcom file will chang all that.
I have made a Text file of all the census records and transcribed them. then I put the record number at the top. My Couch's did not keep the same name all the
time. so once I had him figured out. I leave it on the index
I also create a fact in Rm and add that years census. I have it transcribed in the note for the fact and I also attach a image. so when you start to study the census and other dicuments are there in the fact .
you can see one of the files at

I have been working in RM5 all day today. and have not seen any more errors pop up. but I have not turn off my computer either.

on the first boot up it takes 2 minutes for it to load into the computer. but after that it is in memory and is very fast.

I have 15620 Multimedia Items & 16408 Multimedia Links

The way I finally got it to work was I made a backup with RM4 into a new directory.
then I used RM4 and restored it in that directory.
after that I open it with RM5 and it started and it worked on Cleaning up media for about 5hr before it started to Convert.

In Topic: RM5 will not convert my RM4 file or a backup of rm4

17 January 2012 - 05:46 AM

Do you have the latest update to RM5 ( There was a "fix" for slow conversions in

Yes I got the latest version, I finally got one of the large data bases to convert. but it had a error on it when it came up earlier.
I forget what the error was but the program sent it to RM.

The problem seem to be with all the pictures I have.
The Data base is on Ever Couch I have been able to find for over 30 years. I have all the census images with them.
I have all the D/C I can find as Jpg files. So there was a lots of pictures. It just set there for about 5 hr with a message "Cleaning up Media"
Seem like it was hung up but finally started converting the file.
I got the file converted but now I am afraid to start useing it because of the error I am getting.

In Topic: RM5 will not convert my RM4 file or a backup of rm4

16 January 2012 - 07:54 PM

Ok My RM5 program will convert a smaller file. I had a cemetery database that had over 5000 people and it converted it in just a few minutes.

It just don't like the very large files..

I have two large files one is smaller than my main data base but it will not convert either. I think there is over 24000 people in it.
it is just a old file of my main data base.

In Topic: RM5 cannot import, restore, create new database

13 January 2012 - 12:48 PM

I am also having problems with RM5 in converting RM4 into RM5
I was able to import a gedcom file into rm5 but I need to keep Iy old file numbers. and this just did not do it.
I have tried to get it to import a backup file of rm4 and also the regular file.
It just hang up my computer when I try.
I see you are having about the same problem as I am. And I have also tried on two different computers.
I have been with Roots Magic ever since it was Family Orgin
I wished they would go back to the old Version rm3 both 4 & 5 has problems with very large files. and is very slow on loading and updating the index.

Bill Couch

Help, I have RM5 (with most recent updates) on two computers. I am trying to move a database from one to the other. I created both a back up file and a GEDCOM file of the database I wish to move, I loaded both onto my new computer. I opened RM5 on my new computer, created a new file and there is no option to use RM5 files so I tried:

1/ Search for files on the computer..it found none..not even the database I already had on RM5 on the new computer!
2/ Importing GEDCOM - it imported but corrupted...there are missing people, people are not connected to the right families..a big mess! I just had to delete it.

So then I just tried to do a restore from the backup and received an error message "Zipforge: invalid file size or check sum of file or unsupported compression format.."

SO if RM5 cannot find any other files created by RM5..I cannot import a GEDCOM created by RM5 without severe corruption..and I cannot restore from backup..

How can I put my database on my computer?

Any help appreciated!