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GEDCOM default folder not working

16 April 2009 - 08:08 AM

Even though I have set a default folder for GEDCOMs in Tools/Program Options/Folders, I am not taken there when I File/Import/GEDCOM/I know where the file is.
Rather I seem to be taken to the last folder I used while using the program, e.g. media folder or something.

Anyone else?

Problem with RM4 after heavy useage

10 April 2009 - 01:50 AM

This really is a hard one to pin down, but its happened enough times now that I am starting to worry.

After I've hammered the family keys for a good few hours (you know, one of those sessions where the keyboard smokes from adding new people, relationships, census, adding facts, reports, re-arranging sources and places [yawn], fixing stuff that doesn't work in RM4 [yawn x 2] etc) a strange thing happens in RM4...

I can not edit children of a family. In family view, even if I highlight a child and try to edit them, I get the edit details of the father or mother. No matter what I do, RM4 gets stuck on the father or mother. The only fix is to close and restart RM4.

This is very hard to replicate systematically as it only occurs after long heavy sessions and I can not pick up any patterns, especially because I'm also a bit gaga towards the end of one of these sessions and also require a reboot wacko.gif But it is definately happening on my system (Dell Pentium 1 gig RAM Win XP pro SP3) and appears to be a core database/memory issue. And -no- it never happened in RM3.

Anyone else getting this?

RM4 is starting to seriously worry me sad.gif

RM3 to RM4 Death Fact date not converted

06 April 2009 - 04:32 PM

I don't think I have seen this mentioned so far, and can't find in search?...

When I import my database from RM3 to RM4, the age of death is not calculated by RM4 when the death fact only contains a Year (with or without a prefix such as 'bef' 'abt' etc). Works OK when day/month/year or month/year is given. The original Year-only death facts are good as RM3 calculates age. Problem can only be fixed in RM4 by manually editing the year and saving, but -of course- that aint whats supposed to happen mad.gif

Anyone else get this? (Check by going to People view and quickly looking for persons with death date either year only or full date, then open their edit screen... you'll quickly pick up a pattern). If so, its a Bug ohmy.gif

Use of Alt Name fact

29 March 2009 - 03:43 PM

Remarkably, this has not happened in my family research thus far, so I am a little unsure:

If a person is registered as William George FIRTH to father FIRTH and mother GARDNER, but at the age of c. 2 years, his mother GARDNER partners (can not find marriage yet) George EVANS and therafter the child is known as George William EVANS (n.b swap in given names), how should the Alt name fact be used?

Should I give surname FIRTH and Alt name EVANS or vice versa?
The reason I ask is because if the former, in the (RM4) 'Name type' drop list there is 'Birth' suggesting (to me anyway) that I should use the latter?

Its late, the guy gives me a genealogical headache and I may have this all upside down blink.gif


Resizing Edit ToDo item

29 March 2009 - 03:21 PM

On my system if you resize a Edit ToDo Item, the 'Where do I need to do it' box does not resize and hence disappears.