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In Topic: Major NFS Problem

06 January 2010 - 01:21 PM

I'm going back to Legacy... At least they respond quickly to feedback and don't release updates without lots of testing!

In Topic: Major NFS Problem

05 January 2010 - 05:56 PM

I spoke with Michael Booth personally a few months ago, and agree that it could be any of a combination of problems (either with RM4, nFS, or both)...
My proposed resolution is as follows:

Whereas, RM4 has caused problems within the nFS structure, whether or not nFS is partially responsible, and
Whereas, these changes appear to be irreversible, or at least very difficult to find and fix, and
Whereas, RM4 has X [RM4 team fill in this number yourselves] number of users, and
Whereas, many RM4 users appear not to know that this forum exists, or
do not realize that RM4 and nFS are not linking correctly, and
are probably performing X × number of these irreversible changes, and
Whereas, RM4's team has control over what tools, windows, and dialog boxes they allow the public access to,
Therefore, be it resolved that RM4 remove its nFS-linking functionality until further testing finds zero errors.
Furthermore, be it resolved that RM4 notify all users of the danger of possible corruption to their family lines, and
invite users to search their family lines for the corruption specified in the above posts, and
apologize to users for the major inconvenience this corruption will cause them, and
consider offering to fix the problems they allowed to happen.
Furthermore, be it resolved that in the future, the RM4 team not make another public software release that corrupts decades of research and work, and
that beta testing will be carried out more thoroughly in the future.

All in favor?

In Topic: Major NFS Problem

06 October 2009 - 11:13 AM

I can confirm that this is a problem with NFS itself. It's taken some time to track it down but it appears to be a problem which was introduced into the NFS API recently. From our understanding, the information on NFS itself is correct, it's just that as NFS is preparing the information to send to RM, it may add or drop children. NFS is aware of the problem and is working to correct the problem on their end. In the meantime, we're looking to see if there is anything special we can do on our end.

NFS might have the problem you mentioned, but either I'm not understanding something, or something else is wrong. I have accessed the data from my web browser on NFS, and the data is corrupted there. The problem is not in RM's data retrieval process. Check it out! [Link] Olaus has 2 sets of parents: Johan Olsen / Karen Fransen (his true parents), and Frank Elliot Worthen / Emma Mary Hayden (others of my ancestors). My RM4 was what created this problem.

In Topic: Major NFS Problem

01 October 2009 - 11:21 AM

The authoritative answer to this issue, that I have from Bruce himself, is as follows:

"When NFS released their August upgrade, they made changes to the API
we use. The duplicate child (or missing children) are just a couple
of the bugs they introduced into the API.

The FamilySearch dept is aware of this, but we are just rewriting our
code to work with the v2 of the API earlier than we had originally

The duplication should not be affecting NFS or your personal database.

Thanks, Don, for the reply! The problem is not duplication—it is faulty linking. My RM4 file has not changed in the slightest. Only the information at new.familysearch.org has changed, and RM4 was what changed it. A friend who communicated with an RM4 team member told me that he said it was a latency issue—NFS's time and RM4's time didn't sync exactly, and therefore there is a chance for someone to be linked incorrectly to other members in my family file or that NFS might show incorrect linkages temporarily. I was told that the faulty changes shouldn't be permanent, but the changes have persisted for over a month now... If that's not permanent, what is? RM4 reports now that there is temple work ready to be done for two nearly unrelated people, that would seal 3rd cousins 2x removed together as child and parents. This is totally bogus!!!

This makes it so I don't trust RM4 enough to use it with NFS, or at all, frankly. Has the team fixed this problem? I don't want to use it with NFS if I'm going to unintentionally mess up decades of work!!!

In Topic: Major NFS Problem

29 September 2009 - 11:07 AM

Olaus is still linked to his not-his-father and not-his-mother in new.familysearch!!! This isn't a temporary latency error! This is a horrendous glitch!