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In Topic: Program shutting down

07 June 2007 - 02:17 PM

QUOTE(mapleleaf @ Jun 6 2007, 02:58 PM) View Post

Disabling Picasa2 Media Detector didn't help. Roots Magic still shuts down.

I've now enabled Google Desktop search but told it not to search the Roots Magic folder. I'll let you all know how that works.

Don't take this the wrong way but I'm glad to see that other people are experiencing the same problem I had. I had thought that it was just RootsMagic clashing with Vista; strange that it is also happening with XP.

Mine kept going blank and/or closing too. I finally had them send me RootsMagic on a CD (I had downloaded it from their website), reinistalled it from the CD, and so far it's performed flawlessly.

In Topic: How about a Vista compatible version?

29 May 2007 - 01:08 PM

QUOTE(RootsMagician @ May 29 2007, 10:42 AM) View Post

If you want to email your name/address to orders@rootsmagic.com we will send you out a CD.

I dunno. Do you think that would help any or am I barking up the wrong tree. I've tried every single thing I can think of. I even tried running RootsMagic in compatibility mode - All of them - XP, 98, etc.

I'm almost done rebuilding my tree anyway - I'm down to the last page and a half of 125+ pages (over 6000 individuals) all typed in by hand. I've used Family Tree Maker to enter the information because it's faster and easier. Then I save it as a GEDCOM and use it to create a RootsMagic database.

I wish (hint, hint) RootsMagic would let me enter all the husband, wife and children information all on one screen like FTM does, instead of having to open a separate window for birth date, marriage date, child's name, etc..

But...Family Tree Maker doesn't allow for name suffix's, such as Jr. or Sr.; nor can it distinguish between given names and surnames. So once I have the database open in RootsMagic, I have to go back and correct many of the surnames because anyone with only a first name or a Jr. or Sr. at the end, FTM had made THAT their surname. It's a pain in the (expletive deleted)! But, like I said, I'm almost done anyway.

I would love to have RootsMagic on disc but only if you honestly think it would help. You're the RootsMagician, so I value your opinion.

In Topic: How about a Vista compatible version?

29 May 2007 - 01:19 AM

QUOTE(Ludlow Bay @ May 28 2007, 12:04 AM) View Post

Just because .... and ESPECIALLY because ... you have a brand new laptop doesn't mean that all of the factory-installed hardware and software is fully compatible with Vista. How about checking for Vista-specific updates for your graphics card and mouse driver, or running a memory self-test - you could have a faulty stick of ram.

Been there, done that. It's all good - the laptop has been checked out every which way and it's operating as it should. And every other program I have on it runs flawlessly. RootMagic is the only one messing up. And I say "messing up" because that is what it is doing. When the program asks you if you want to enter marriage facts for a husband and wife and you click 'Yes' and then a BIRTH window pops up instead, that is the program itself messing up. But nobody will believe me, so I'm kinda stuck in limbo until the next software update. But I'm kicking myself for downloading and upgrading the trial version of RootsMagic instead of getting the full version at Best Buy or wherever.

In Topic: How about a Vista compatible version?

27 May 2007 - 08:42 PM

QUOTE(pay @ May 21 2007, 07:22 PM) View Post

Did you upgrade an old computer to Vista or purchase a new on with Vista installed? How much memory do you have. Things start acting funny when you start running out of memory. You need to check memory availability after you have everything up and running. You need to cancel everything that is running in the lower right corner that you don't need. Virus check? Hidden processes?

It's a brand new Gateway laptop that came with Vista Premium installed - It's got a 1.60 Ghz Dual-Core Mobile processor with 1 Gig of RAM and an ATI Radeon Xpress 200M Cinematic Graphics card. And RootsMagic was one of the first programs I installed. And it's got nothing to do with the size of the database or a 'corrupt' database. It'll shut itself down on a newly created database with only my immediate family in it (5 people).
The only thing I can think of is that maybe it's because I downloaded the trial version off the Internet and then purchased the 'registration code' to supposedly upgrade the trial version to the full version. I'm thinking I might have been better off purchasing the full version, on a CD, at a store; the download could have been corrupted or faulty somehow. Although I did try RE-DOWNLOADING and reinstalling it. No help.

In Topic: Restore on Vista

27 May 2007 - 05:39 PM

QUOTE(Larry Oats @ May 21 2007, 06:37 PM) View Post

I have a problem restoring to my new Vista system. I routinely move my database back and forth between my laptop and my desktop; when both were running XP I had no problems. Now, however, my laptop runs XP and my new desktop runs Vista. A backup made on the laptop can restore to the laptop. A backup made on the desktop can restore to the desktop. However, when I attempt to retore a backup made on the laptop to the desktop, I get the message "The backup was not fully restored."

People will tell you otherwise, but RootsMagic is still not (yet) 100% compatible with the Vista OS. My RootsMagic program shuts itself down on a regular basis on my brand new laptop running Vista Premium. I keep hoping for a patch to come out because even with the crashes, RootsMagic is WAY better than any other Genealogy program I've used.