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In Topic: Publisher Book / Lists

05 December 2011 - 02:10 PM

Very interesting, wasn't aware RM is that powerful/flexible.

But ... I think we aren't talking about the same and that above hasn't to do with Lists and Reports.
Maybe I'm wrong ?

As an example what I'm talking about :
- under Reports|Lists there is a "LDS Ordinance List"
- under Reports|Publisher in the active Book via Add|List the "LDS Ordinance List" is not available

- under Reports|CustomReports I created a report "Myreport"
- under Reports|Publisher in the active Book via Add the "Myreport" is not available

In Topic: FamilyGroupSheets - Sorting Problem

05 December 2011 - 01:38 PM

Tested by selecting from a list several family group sheets to print. They printed in alphabetical order, by husband, just fine. What settings are you using?

I feel stupid. Having tried and tested all sort of things yesterday to get it right and to understand the behaveour ..... I can't reproduce it anymore today !

Only remark I can add, is that I upgraded twice today (version of 3/12/2011 and 5/12/2011). Might be related to that ? Don't know.

Thanks anyway to try to help :-)

In Topic: Publisher Book / Lists

05 December 2011 - 10:38 AM

I created my own template, using Book, General [Source witnin a Source]
adt Book, General [Source within a Source]adt
Book, print version, authored / multi-authored, with role (compiler, editor, transcriber, abstrator, translator), edition; monographs, legal works, other published works; N.p. [no place], n.p. [no publisher], n.d. [no date] inserted if field blank

Ref: [EE, QC-12, p 647, with 648, 651, sec. 12.1312.20; EE, QC-13, 727; E!, p 66-71; CYS, p 31-35, 39-45]

This works real well for me. :)

I think I understand what you're achieving, but can't find where it should been done.
Could you please elaborate a little more ? And a "real" example ?

Would be great
Thx very much