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SSN privatization, unless deceased

12 March 2016 - 10:18 AM

Hi there,

Posted about this a couple of years ago (http://forums.rootsm...fact-is-present) but just realized it never quite made it to a Wish List request.


The idea is this: I choose to include Social Security Numbers in my database, usually for the deceased, but now and then I have them for living people as well.  When I run a report, however, they are included.  It's possible to mark the SSN facts as private, and I've done this for the time being - but I wonder if there's an easy way (given the potential sensitivity) to just mark Social Security # fact types as private UNLESS a death fact is in place?   Thanks for the consideration.

Wishlist - FamilySearch collection search automation?

16 December 2015 - 09:08 AM

Posting this here instead of the Wish List forum since it involves FamilySearch integration.


I just noticed a lightbulb for an elusive cousin.  It led to a FamilySearch clue for the NARA A-File index, which has been added to FamilySearch.  Finding this record is a huge research help.


It got me to thinking...  it would be an amazing feature if we were somehow able to do an automated (RM) database search for a specific FamilySearch database.


In other words, if I could isolate a specific FamilySearch database (in this case, https://familysearch...ection/2540918)and query RM to return a list of anyone in my RM database who has a possible record match in that particular FamilySearch database, it could lead to major specific discoveries.  With the collection in question (NARA A-Files from the 1940s onward) being able to have a list of all matches in my database (instead of having to discover them manually) would be a major win.  That said, it could also be useful to, say, search for any matches in the 1880 census (and/or any matches in the 1880 census that are not already sourced, as such).  


I realize that this level of automation is next-level stuff, but it really seems to be where research apps are heading and it would be a big breakthrough on many levels, I think.  Thanks for the consideration!

Ability to choose relationship for Relationship Chart

15 August 2015 - 09:08 AM

As my database continues to grow, I have a number of relatives to whom I'm related in multiple ways.  I love using the Relationship Chart to display how we're related - it's particularly helpful when I get in touch with "new" cousins - to demonstrate our connection.


That said, RM defaults (I think) to the most direct relationship - but I'd love to have the option to pick which relationship that is charted - or to select all known relationships.  Possible to add this to the wishlist? 

Changing gender on Share Data screen?

15 June 2015 - 05:55 AM

It might be that the need is rare enough that it was assumed we could just edit this from Family Tree itself, but I just had an instance where I needed to change the gender of a person on Family Tree and realized I could not do that from the RM Share Data screen.  Perhaps it can be added in the future.