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Change so true sources can be transferred to Family Tree

02 February 2014 - 08:56 PM

"Getting the Most Out of Roots Magic, Version 6", p 98, it says under the heading "Master Text", "The Master Text tab lets you enter text or comments which apply to the source itself", and it further states under the "Detail Text" heading, "The Detail Text tab lets you enter research notes or comments about the specific citation."
However, to transfer a source from Roots Magic to Family Tree, you have to put the web address for the citation in the Master Text Web Tag, making the source a citation and in contradiction to the purpose of the "Master Text". Please make changes so a true source/citation can be transferred to Family Tree by either: 1) transferring the web address from the "Text Detail" Web Tag if there, and if not, then using the "Master Text" Web Tag; or 2) Transferring the web address from the "Detail Text" Web Tag.
Alternately, Ted Meikle had an idea for transferring true sources to Family Tree in his message to the forum entitled, "Transferring Sources between RootsMagic and Family Tree" on 16 Oct 2013.
It would be a great change for me and those I work with is true sources could be transferred to Family Tree.

Thanks, Greg