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In Topic: Change so true sources can be transferred to Family Tree

16 February 2014 - 07:54 PM

I don't believe that it is so difficult. The AIP doesn't say which data field from RootsMagic is transferred over; it just limits the number of fields that can be transferred. RootsMagic could choose to transfer the URL from the Detailed Text Web Tag field just as easily as the URL for the Master Text Web Tag field. Or you could create a new field that would contain a URL from the Detail Text Web Tag field if there was one or from the Master Text Web Tag field if there was one. This argument of saying the AIP is the limitation is misleading. I spoke to Bruce about this at RootsTech and he said that they flipped a coin to choose which data field (since there are several possibilities) would be transferred. I assert that there are more people who have URLs in the Detail Text field (census, death certificates, etc.) than people with URLs in the Master Source Web Tag (books), so it would benefit more situations if the Detail Text Web Tag were used. Although Bruce said that they are thinking of allowing the user to choose which field would be transferred. His is the best idea, but with all the requests for changes, I was interested in seeing if there is anybody out there who uses Master Sources and wants to be able to transfer them to Family Tree without having to copy and paste selected fields.