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Recent Update

23 December 2010 - 11:53 AM

I have been doing the updates since they were a mere 13.2 MB. They have progressed steadily to 19 MB.
Since there were so many problems with I did not install it.
My question is... can I install the latest version without installing the bad 8 version first?
I would think so and that what they call the update would be a full program just as if I were buying
it for the first time now, but reading these forums has created some doubts.
Another point needing a bit of clarification is how often, if ever, is the "place database" 67 MB updated?

Relative Path

29 November 2010 - 07:23 AM

Has anyone discovered a method to use relative path to quickly join data and pictures that have been moved or copied?
I have always used relative path in PAF which by putting all the media in a subfolder of the folder holding the database, allows easy movement
of the entire folder to a different drive or computer without losing the picture path hook-up. When copying a PAF database and media folder to a new folder to use in
RM4.0.9.7 it is possible to fix the media path in RM-4 by using the gallery and search to repath the entire media folder.
The problem is that RM-4 seems to use an absolute path when a GEDCOM file is imported into PAF and later to RM-4 or the GEDCOM file is imported directly into RM4, when the original database gedcom came from a MAC computer. MAC computers us a forward slash (/)in their file paths, which RM-4 is looking for and can't find on a windows computer.
It is possible to relink the pictures one at a time using tools-fix broken links but it does them one at a time or one individual at a time by searching the entire computer including the operating system, which is a terrible waste of time if dozens of pictures are involved.

Thanks to "Vyger" below. His solution did work on the MAC generated GEDCOM with the forward (/) path "Unix" structure.
It took about 35 minutes for the search by RM4 since it did search every file and folder on the pc. It would have gone through that same time consuming search over and over if the search was initiated from individuals rather than List>Media Gallery>Tools>Fix Broken Links.
I might add that it is necessary to close out the tree file and reopen it, after the relinking bar completes, before the images actually appear as thumbnails for their respective person.
I had combined copies of my media folder and a copy of the one from the MAC user cousin into one media folder. By doing that I hope to be able to drag-and-drop individuals between the 2 databases that now share a common media folder and have the paths remain correct.
Thanks for all the suggestions.