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Reports - Calendar

07 July 2012 - 06:14 PM

Hi again,
Tried searching but no can find - perhaps just me!
I want to save/print a calendar report of those no longer living.
I want it to show birthdays, if possible or in lieu of that, then the baptism date.
As we all know, birthday records can be a tad problematic but baptism records are more common.

However, my version of RM is and it only has check marks for birthdays and anniversaries.
I have over 500 entries that don't have birthdays but, for the strong majority, I do have baptisms.

So any suggestions on how to get baptisms in lieu of birthdays into a calendar report?
Also is there also a way to show only those deceased? I see a check mark for "only living" but no "only dead".
Thanks again.
(And many thanks for those who have answered my queries in the past. I just wish that I knew enough to be a contributor rather than just asking questions.)