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From Name index to Family or People list NOT working

09 March 2020 - 05:18 AM

Has anyone else had this  after Version on 17 FEb 2020 in Win 10


Click on name in index, and will not show same name as it used to in Pedigree, Family, Descendents, or People,  etc...


Keeps going to another given name of the surname and not the right given name????????????


Did the database tools, Integrity OK, Removed Phanton ,Compating will still not working right.


 Clicked on & kept the same name highlighted in Index and Went to Menu/View and clicked Family View and it works. 


Now it works from highlighting name in index and then shows the correct one in  family view .


Hope it keeps working right .

Double/triple set of parents in childs list

19 January 2020 - 04:30 PM

Been a while since I've had this problem and can't find the way to delete/remove  a set of parents from an individual.


I remember that when we had mutiple set of parents, same exact ones,

1. to be able to open the Spouses or Parents to left of the name of the person.  I thought that was the place to remove duplicate sets of parents which I have 5 of.  It is not there any More???


2. When opening the child's card file and have  5 sets of parents, I highlighted  one of them and clicked the delete button and the message is. "You can only delete a fact"   ????  Parent is not listed in the Fact list.


3. on the right side of the open card file,  Parents  Both Saved and Cancel Buttons are grayed out. 

Even went back to the help file and could find no information.  

So...... what have I forgotten or......


any one have a solution, or did an update change something in RM. 




Short cuts not working in latest revision

05 December 2019 - 08:16 AM

Short cuts inside of RootsMagic database not working after the last updates.  Like alt o  , alt p  , alt m  etc...  Do not know if it is RM new update or Win 10 update.