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A 2017 created database is telling me its locked??????

14 February 2019 - 12:08 PM

A 2017 created Single Surname database is telling me "Cannot create file with the ending DUP"  Before this came up,  in doing a Tools/Merge said database was locked??????????????????


Never have had this on an older database before?  What is controlling this and where do I unlock it.  Added information and that is okay but so many dups trying to clean it up.   Is this a Windows 10 issue????


Any one with an answer? 


Maybe found the answer,,.....   went looking at my files and had two files with .dup on the ending.  Did a   free virustotat.com on the database and they found nothing.  Quite a list of items to look for.

So went back to file list and removed the .dup  but had to close RM down before they could be removed .  re opened RM and it is now working find.  Something must have put those 2 extra files on my system.  

Adding parents in Win 10 and upd of RM

27 June 2018 - 09:20 AM

Hi!  Well this is a first....

  1. Add a parents  to a person
  2. in the Family View
  3. Click to add father
  4. information put in
  5. then with the marriage fact added: add wife and information
  6. click ok
  7. no parents show
  8. reclick on child adding parents to and have 2 sets of parents
  9. have to unlink from 2nd set of parents which are blank
  10. Then the parents show up as entered.

Noticed this happen again when in the Family View

Click to add a set of parents already entered and there are two sets of parents again

have to unlink the blank set of parents. 


Something must not have been corrected or..... in the latest revision.

  • Doing a lot of data entry for a client and this is not fun...
  • more time consuming issue trying to figure out what is happening.