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In Topic: Source Templates To Be Fixed

11 December 2018 - 09:15 AM

None of the 3 above are on my list, which says to me you created the templates.  Someone with the language knowledge could be of help or search the internet. 

In Topic: New Option for Pedigree View

05 December 2018 - 02:05 PM

This has been missing from RM's software since it started...  I think. The first Ancestor Charts then changed to Pedigree Charts from Everton Publishing, 1963, before computers programs became a norm, had a place on the very bottom of the Portrait copy in the left hand corner, with the spouse name, birth and death date.  Would be nice if it could be put on the current on in Roots Magic. I personally  do not understand why it is so hard to add that information. 


Because the layout of the current Pedgree Chart in RM is the wrong size and has not been fixed.    <_<  I have had to copy it over to Word to make it the right size for printing and do add the spouse name, birth and death dates in the lower left hand corner. 


I still have copies of that Ancestor Chart, from Everton Publishing copyright 1963.

In Topic: Media file organizational workflow

04 December 2018 - 11:58 AM

Looks good.  You probably may find your self redoing this also.  In the 45 plus years I have been doing genealogy, I have made many changes to the way and some of my name interpretations.


Good Luck....

In Topic: Media file organizational workflow

02 December 2018 - 12:02 AM

Your welcome.

In Topic: Media file organizational workflow

01 December 2018 - 12:56 PM

Will take it apart


Spil = shortern surname Spilman

1860 = year of census


Camp = County of KY

Frank=given name

is a census record downloaded with lots of numbers, I download them and change them to my labeling. 


No matter if it scanned or download I try to keep to the same naming convention.

An will/obit or grave stone

is   SpilFRwill1828Camp,jpg

Spil = shorten surnane

Fr = short for Frank

will = type of could be land or tax or obit or tmb [tombstone]

1828= year of Will

Camp= County of KY


I made several  decisions years ago  as others have also and many discussions in the forum on who is doing what/how/why. 

1. only keep the grandparents no matter what level back and their children & spouses.  Those lines are not carried forward unless I have double relation which I do have.

       ONE expection to 1. is my grandparents added with children, grandchildren and great grandchilden. And all spouses.

2. In RM, use full place names, county, state and no US.  Not out of the US yet.  Un check Program Options/General Use Countycheck when......  & Use Plain text when pasting to notes.

3. Program Options/Folders  fill in all places to keep items together.  I do not use C drive but created a D drive from the c drive and have my own genealogy files in one place.

4. If a spouse name not known especially female use  [male surname] with square brackets.  Otherwise too many Mary's, Elizabeth's etc.  too much searching to figure out who they are. 

There are more but I found it is better to do this ahead of time and not spending time, figuring out what I should be doing.  


For some reason my typing trigger a complete in this forum so if you found new items that is why;.