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Place Details (address, hospitals, cemetery, etc.)

11 July 2015 - 10:23 AM

I wish that there would be a way to be able pull up all the names of those using the same, address,hospitals, cemetery, etc.  Due to the facts that many have lived at the same address, I keep finding just using Untied States Records.  It would be much easier to bring these families together with this added information.  I add a lot of those who have my surname I call them orphans until I am able to tie them into one of my many family lines.  As it seems the privately act does not go in effect for the living on this site  but it is also helping me complete many of my records that cannot be found anywhere else.  Thank you. This and the Heritage website where some of those also post added information on those who are still living.  The only use I have for all of this information is to help complete my records.  


Thank You