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In Topic: Transfer data to new computer

14 April 2018 - 11:55 AM

On the new computer in RM,


Did you goto Tools>Program Options>Folders and associate each entry with the folders for:

1] Data

2] Backup

3] Multimedia

4] Gedcom

5] Report files


What files do you have on the flash drive?


A] If the backup file is on the flash drive, copy it to the Backup folder on the new computer.

Start RM and do a Restore of the backup file.  Then do the same steps as outlined in section "B".


B] If the database file is on the flash drive, copy it to the Data folder on the new computer.

Start RM, look for the data file and Open it.  Then Exit and save it to create a brand new backup on the new computer.  Check the backup folder to see if it worked.  Consider making a Gedcom file also and see if it went to the Gedcom folder.


It takes longer to describe the steps than to do the work.

In Topic: Changing file Roots is saved in

12 April 2018 - 04:09 PM

If you have a second drive [or more], it is safer to set the backup folder on a drive other than the one where the database resides.  It could even be a flash drive assuming that you have one installed every time you run RM.

In Topic: Question about Starting a Tree

25 March 2018 - 03:42 PM

Yes.  Start anywhere, unless you want yourself to be person #1.  But that number does not really make any difference for most users.

In Topic: Problem Solved - How to Copy Facts in RM

20 March 2018 - 03:32 PM

I think that underlying this whole discussion is a desire or need to "copy" a fact from one person to another. I put the word "copy" in quotes because users seem to want the functionality, irrespective of whether the functionality is achieved literally by some sort of copying and pasting, or whether the functionality is achieved by some sort of "shared facts". And I put "shared facts" in quotes because RM's current implementation of shared facts also does not provide the ability to "copy" a fact from one person to another.


I think the distinction is between being a witness to a shared fact (which RM supports) vs. being an additional principal to a shared fact (which RM does not support). My favorite example of being a witness to a shared fact is when a midwife is a witness to a birth. The midwife's witness role is midwife, and she herself was not born that day. She was the midwife who delivered the baby. My favorite example of additional principals to a shared fact is when an entire family moves. Each individual in the family actually does move in their own right, and is not just a witness to the head of household moving. The fact type for moving could be Immigration or Emigration or perhaps just a user defined fact called Move. You can coerce such a fact into following the Principal/Witness model with a little work and creativity, but I think that a more appropriate model would be a model with multiple Principals and no Witnesses (or just support copying a fact).



I would like a new fact type called "Move" with two places: "From" and "To".  But I suspect the RM model does not support such a data structure.

In Topic: Changing parent and his family to brother

15 March 2018 - 07:41 PM

In 18 minutes, John_of_Ross_County, Jerry Bryan, and kbens0n all came up with essentially the same technique.