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MyRootsMagic login problems

14 September 2018 - 09:03 PM

I am using RM7 on Windows 10.  I had used RM on Win 7 until recently and login worked perfect as did syncing, ect. with Ancestry.  I installed RM7 a few days ago and clicked on the little tree to get to the MRM login screen.   I used my ancestry email to login, no luck, so tried RM email addy, no luck.   Have tried every email and password addy that I could have ever used, same error, no luck.  I also tried to reset every password, same error cannot send to that addy.  At one point, I did something and got error saying that my registration number was already attached to another account!!!  not a clue which account.............   I can log in thru ancestry, but no control over editing person in RM.   I need to login and use ther RM


Please help!   Thanks  Karen