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using dropbox

03 January 2018 - 09:44 AM

I have been using dropbox with the Roots Magic App on mhy iphone 7.  Lately I am getting a message on the top of the screen when I try to save to dropbox that says "the request to link is unvalid."  I contacted dropbox and they said  "Based on the description you provided, it looks like the third party app you're using is no longer working because it is still using the older version of the Dropbox API, which was recently retired. The developer of the third party app will need to update it for it to continue working.

Please reach out to the support organization for that app for an updated version. If the developers of this app are having any trouble with the Dropbox API itself, they can reach out to Dropbox developer support directly with the relevant technical details for help"

On the dropbox app, it does not ask me to authorize Roots Magic.


How do I contact Roots Magic help and get assistance on this issue?

Thank you..Old Bob

.rmgc (master files) and .rmgb (back up files)

28 July 2017 - 07:05 AM

I have been cleaning out and organizing my RM6 files on my new W10 laptop.  I understand that  .rmgc are the "master files" and the .rmgb are the "back up" files.  I guess I do not fully understand the difference.  The .rmgc files have a date of the day I put RM6 on this new laptop and does not seem to change as the back up file dates do each time I back up.  Should these dates change?  In fact, I have TWO .rmgc files in two different saved folders.  Different dates but same size.

Are they being updated automatically?   I also have a file named RM6 gedcom.LST.  Any idea what this is?  I am sure I created it back on the date indicated in 2013 and copied it from the old laptop but being 1KB and it will not open so I don't know what it is or if to keep it.  Thanks in advance for your help.

RM6 to dropbox to Iphone 7

21 July 2017 - 08:29 AM

Bear with me as this is a new experience for me.  People ask me questions about my family when I am not on the PC so is there a way to get my files from my RM version 6 onto my Iphone7?  I was told to download dropbox on the iphone..done!  Now it says to put my RM files into dropbox..how do you do this on the PC and which files  (back up..gedcom..other)?  I assume that if I get these files into dropbox on the PC I will then see them on the Iphone.  Is there a web video on how to do this?  Other suggestions were to use the sync in Itunes but that seems very inconvenient..your instructions and opinions are very welcome.


Follow up is I found in the FAQ to go to the PC file and do a File>save to dropbox..did that..whew!  Now I went to my phone and started dropbox app..and selected the RM file..family tree is there but cant seem to find how to "search" for a person on the iphone app.  Is there a search somewhere on one of those icons?   Im I correct in assuming if I update the PC family I have to resend it to dropbox to have that version update with the new information?  Just trying to be detailed for other users that may benefit from my issue


I have now watched the videos and done a chat associated with the app.  On my iphone7, there is no "SURNAME" Column on the left so I cannot "search" for anyone... The green bar on the top does not say roots Magic or a  hamurger menu to click on to see the list of people..just light green in color.  The video shows the words Roots magic on this top bar and a hamburger menu on the left of this top bar...I even tried to flip phone to horizontal view but it will not flip..can someone help with this issue?

still need .reg file

19 April 2017 - 05:40 AM

I have a new laptop with Windows 10 and downloaded my rm ver. 6 from the website..ver.  I let it install in all the defaults it requested (as before I had to set up a MY programs to install it in for Windows 7).  I am reading about a .reg file..do I still need that file or is it included in that version?  It seems to be opening and running fine so far without it..