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31 January 2018 - 11:14 AM

My issue is again not working.  The mobile app is not updating the .rmgc Master files that I copied to the dropbox RM folder as you previously suggested here in this thread.  It was working.    I created a new desktop shortcut to open RM and it correctly opens to my master files on the PC (not the dropbox file),  I added a death fact for a person.  Then I went to the master file location on the PC and right click and said COPY the master .rmgc file and went to file explorer to dropbox and paste into RM folder .  it asked me to overwrite.I said yes. The date and time changed to this newer version.  

I have the app and dropbox on the ipad and iphone set to back up and even update in the background if that makes a difference.

When I click on the app, and select the family, it opens the older version and not the updated..I used to get a message that said the database has changed and do I want to put in the new one and I previously said yes..I am no longer getting this message

I even tried to unlink the file and relink..still the app will not update.

I even tried on the app to select the bottom Files..select dropbox and then my family..still the old version. 

What on earth am I missing.. It was working the last time you helped me so it must be me. 

I am so careful as to not corrupt or loose my family.

Any other suggestions.



Solution:  there were two files on dropbox..probably the dropbox and PC one?..actually noticed finally when I went to copy the rmgc file to dropbox ..it asked me to overwrite and there was a “compare files” option.  Found two files and selected the most recent and then when I went to the app..it updated (ipad had to go to files on bottom and select dropbox to find new one on the dropbox.)  To test I again made a change and when it asked me to overwrite there was still an option to compare files..still two..but ust said to overwrite..and the app updated when I selected dropbox version.  Don’t really know why there is two..maybe a dropbox version and a copy of the pc version..left alone.  Its working again..

I also think I discovered that the dropbox program has to be active on the pc in order for updates to cross to mobile devices..that might be a simple thing but a detail I overlooked..


Do let me know if I need to do anything else. 

In Topic: using dropbox

05 January 2018 - 09:24 AM

thank you again for all your help..all is working great now and all cleaned up for the new year.. :) :) :)

In Topic: using dropbox

04 January 2018 - 05:47 PM

Thank you Jerry and all for your help.  I will just not use the copy to dropbox anymore.just copy the .rmgc master files and copy to the dropbox RM folder as instructed!  Whew!  RELIEF!


So the two .rmgb files in the dropbox folder should be deleted as they will never be used by the app. right?

In Topic: using dropbox

04 January 2018 - 04:23 PM

Sorry I am confusing you all..I know you are trying to help me. Right now my top line says C:user\Me\documents\ and the folder where I back up my files to on the laptop. (I do not know how it was at one time reading sometime the dropbox file)

In this thread Renee said I cannot use the save to dropbox feature because I am using RM6 so I went to where I kept the back up files .rmgb file on the laptop and copied them and pasted them to the dropbox>apps> RM folder and it did not work so I went back and copied the master .rmgc files to that dropbox folder and it seemed to work.  Is this the correct way to update/sync from the laptop to the iphone with dropbox using rm ver 6?

In Topic: using dropbox

04 January 2018 - 12:46 PM

Tom, how do you pause dropbox sync?  Just turn off the dropbox app or just right click on the icon and select to pause sync?  You mean to tell me when I open RM I am always on the dropbox file and not on the file that I on my laptop?  I am a bit confused and frightened of loosing my RM file?  I am not too good with the cloud..which cloud is dropbox saving my file on?  the only cloud I know of is my iphone cloud.

How do I have the program point to the file on the laptop and not the file on dropbox and only sync when I open dropbox?

Now when I open RM, the path is to my saved RM file on my laptop where yesterday it was to the dropbox file..I am very confused.

so I tried to do a back up from the laptop and browsed to the dropbox apps folder but it copies the rmgb file and that file is much smaller than the .rmgc file which is also listed in the dropbpx app files.  I went to the iphone and tried to sync and it will not..just loads the last file from yesterday.

Open for any detailed suggestions.