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Nitpick of a Silly Restriction

06 July 2004 - 09:57 AM

I know a nitpick when I see one, and this is one. Forgive me. On the other hand, Bruce, this is only my first complaint to you since finally upgrading from FO-10 last week. Having been with you for the entirety of your journey here from FO Release 1 for DOS, you know I love your program.

You point at an unmarried child and either (1) press the Family icon on the toolbar, or (2) right-click and choose one of the "Edit Family" options. This produces a silly error message that says "You must first highlight a parent to edit a family." Grump. You can right-click "view family" but you can't "edit family."

Since there is no ambiguity of intent in this action, seems to me the program should be able to handle it without a fingerslap. Short of that, if the program really can't handle the circumstance, the button and the menu items should be greyed-out to prevent them from being selected.

BTW, I object to being identified on here as a "newbie."