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In Topic: Cemetery List

09 July 2004 - 03:29 PM

I understand what you mean about duplication, Bill. In the case of genealogy information, however, the opposite logic actually applies. "Hail Mary Cemetery" in Rosewood, Vermont is specifically NOT the same place as "Hail Mary Cemetery" in LaPlace, Vermont, and never will be. In a separate list the question would always arise, "Which Hail Mary Cemetery does that refer to?" By attaching the city, county, and state to the entry the cemetery name is made unique.

In Topic: Cemetery List

09 July 2004 - 01:07 PM

What's wrong with adding the cemetery to the places list? It is a place, after all. My places list is full of cemeteries, schools, hospitals, churches, etc. As far as I know this is pretty much the way everyone handles it. If you're worried about cluttering up your places list, you can always put the cemetery name in a note. I'm afraid if you start making separate lists for every different kind of place it would just create a mess and not accomplish much. If the issue is that you want to be able to extract a list of cemeteries out of the place list, that sounds to me like a job for the custom report writer.

In Topic: Nitpick of a Silly Restriction

06 July 2004 - 12:26 PM

Oh, I see. So I can become an advanced member by picking 25-30 nits! laugh.gif Great, I can do that!