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Splitting my Tree but not deleting

24 September 2010 - 07:42 AM

I don't recall whether I brought this up earlier, or not. Due to outside influences, my CRS is extremely active these days. So, here goes:

I need to separate my tree into maternal and paternal shrubs, keeping all the relateds intact within the respective shrubs. I know that I can make a temp file, then "un-marry" my parents.

However, there's a Baby Ruth in the Punch, 'way back in the lines. At two places, there's an ancestor from one line who married an ancestor in the other line! I can't remember who is where, else I could "unmarry" them, too. I don't want to delete anyone, just separate the two lines, within the same file.

Is there a way to more easily find those two earlier marriages, when I can't recall the names? These links involve collaterals, not directs...

If not, maybe the Powers That Be can create a little utility to find such "cross-overs"... Paying attention, Bruce?!
This sort of utility would make it easier for now-unwanted family lines to be deleted...


Converting from Family Tree Maker

17 January 2010 - 02:04 PM

I've a friend who uses an old version of FTM (v.7) and has trouble creating a gedcom in that version, for importing into RM4.

He says that he's found that not only does he seem to have trouble creating this gedcom (it seems to force a reversion from .GED to .FTM), he will have trouble updating his own FTM files to use in a new version of FTM - he says that he CANNOT upgrade his FRM7 files to use in newer versions of FTM! His v.7 files are not of an "upgrade-able" form for use in new versions!

So here's the question (if I've missed any such forum here in RM):

Will RM4 be able to convert the old version FTM files - at all or completely?


Problem with importing large GedCom

16 December 2009 - 07:29 AM

A friend sent me a very, very large GedCom (because apparently FTM won't let him gedcom only the family lines he wants to do, has to do them all!). When I created a new RM database, it started importing this gedcom file but stopped - just stopped in it's tracks - and waited, and waited, an nauseum. I finally had to crash the program to do anything. I re-opened the program and it found the new database but it was empty.

Question: Was this a problem with a corrupted downloaded gedcom, or do I not have enough memory to handle very large gedcom files? I have only about 512mb memory, with no other problems apparent. Granted, I don't do much of the modern stuff which requires hugh amounts of memory.

If it's a memory problem, why doesn't RM do it in increments?