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In Topic: Splitting my Tree but not deleting

23 November 2010 - 10:23 AM

Anyway, here's what I meant.

I followed your suggested route and found that the commonality wasn't in any direct line of ancestors. I also tried "Ancestors and children", found too many commonalities and wasn't able to figure out where the basic commonalities are. Since none of the Common Ancestors of father [in RED] showed up in the Mother's first Ancestor group, I'm pretty sure that the commonalities are within "cousin branches". It doesn't look like I can mark mother's group any more distinctly, given the options in the dialogue box.

It's been a while since I was able to work on this problem, due to health issues, and that may be a contributing factor here today. But I sure would appreciate some more suggestions! Maybe this line of thought would be contributory: Since I "unmarried" the parents in question, they shouldn't be linked by their own children. So...

Q: How can I calculate the total number of ancestors and cousins and all the otherwise unrelated spouses and kids, of either the Father or the Mother? If the total numbers are identical, that would indicate an early "crossover" still exists (maybe even more than one "crossover").

If the numbers are different, I could assume that the known crossovers might've been broken earlier and "disremembered" by myself. I could then create a new d/base of the separated family and examine that for commonalities.Thanks.

In Topic: Splitting my Tree but not deleting

02 October 2010 - 04:28 PM

How about delete all color-coding, color-code one line and making a Named Group of the other. Then in the Sidebar in Group mode, any member of that named group with color is common to both.

Apologies all 'round... but not only is my CRS in deep default, I don't recall how to work the Named Groups. I don't use them very often.

Would someone please take serious pity on me and give me some step-by-step instructions for trying this solution? I promise I'll write them down! It's an important project for me.


In Topic: Need to split and remove family from data

24 September 2010 - 07:58 AM

Deleting a branch of your database is rather difficult. You have to delete one person or at best one family at a time.

Opt. #1
Can't you just "un-marry" at a convenient point (like divorcing your Ex, only easier)? Then, export all the Wanteds to a new database, and maybe exporting the Unwanteds to another new database? This way, both lines are preserved but separated for whatever posterity reason...

Opt. #2
OR, just unlink the EX from their parents, then delete the parents' ancestral relatives/line, keeping the Ex as parent of existing children. Preeserving the parents' line is just as easy as Opt.#1 above...

In Topic: More Frequent Updates

20 June 2010 - 05:46 AM

I log a Support Ticket with any wishes I have prefixing the subject with [WISH], see below. I can easily track them by requesting a list by email and it also serves to keep the better ideas in a more closed group to benefit RM.

I like this idea! I think I'll try to go back and collect my own suggestions and then submit them this way. It might ensure that someone actually DOES read the suggestions and make note of them. Right now, we have no way of KNOWING that our suggestions have made it to someone's desk.

As for the concept of "better ideas", that will have to be exercised by the RM staff, since all our individual ideas are better than most of the others! Having said that, it would be nice (interesting?) if the RM staff would respond with a comment about how "better" an idea is... Maybe not publically, but surely privately.

I'm pretty sure that there's a secure way to keep the submitted suggestions in a file which would be viewable by each particular User (i.e., looking at his own suggestions, rather than looking at other people's suggestions). What's the use of having this magnificent computerized database if we can't make full use of it?

Is there a way, right now, for any of us individual Users to go back and get a list of our submissions to this forum?

In Topic: More Frequent Updates

20 June 2010 - 05:37 AM

With respect to the competition watching to pirate ideas: Well, we want the ease of operation, and so do the users of competitive products. We can be assured that those users are trying to get their programs to be better; if we can get ours better FIRST, then we can attract some of the competition's users! So everybody watches everybody else, trying to improve to build a User Base. That's expected.

Our suggestions fall into three categories, regardless of practicality:
1. Ease of finding utilities within menus, ease of using the mouse (i.e., having links and buttons where we need them, to avoid having to swish that pointer all over the screen to do some task), ease of seeing what we NEED to see in the most advantageous way;

2. The writing of little support sub-programs to provide something which isn't already provided;

3. Having a Help Section and/or manual which truely is all-encompassing and written in a User's Language (NOTE: We now have this, pretty much, in Bruce's new book, but it probably could be expanded periodically when he does something new).

The competition will watch suggestions for Part 1 and incorporate them into their own program if said program doesn't already have a solution. We can't keep those ideas secret, because they really can't be proprietary. They're "common sense". We shouldn't be having to fight common sense wars. OUR "common sense" should be more responsive than THEIR common sense!

The competition will watch for the improved code, to satisfy Part 2 items; this can be protected by the copyright system, I would think. So let them watch, read, listen, to their hearts content.

The fact that Bruce issued the new book in electronic and printed form is a tribute to his "common sense" approach; how many other programs offer both versions?

So, maybe RM can assign a monitor to this forum, with the task of collecting the suggestions and complaints into such categories as which WILL prompt some changes... some faster than others... and make the program more User Friendly and Owner Responsive.

My gut says that this is the best program available today to ultimately provide us with the ease and completeness of operation that we need, regardless of our level of expertise or DESIRED level of expertise.