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Doug Hogarth

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Show on FamilyTree (button)

12 February 2018 - 05:19 PM

In the past I have been able to use the "Show on FamilyTree" button from the FamilySearch Person Tools (the page which shows my RootsMagic person on one side and my FamilySearch person on the other side).


Currently this is not working, the URL which it generates of the form

https://familysearch...person=XXXX-YYY(where XXXX-YYY is the desired ID)

switches in browser to URL form like

https://www.familyse...dscape/XXXX-YYY(where XXXX-YYY is my own ID)

Instead of showing the specific person page as I desire, it shows a landscape tree with me (not the desired person)


I don't know where the URL formats are defined, but an example of "person" URL which always works for me is

https://www.familyse...etails/XXXX-YYY(where XXXX-YYY is the desired ID)


Note: I probably haven't used this feature for 1-2 months, so don't know when behavior changed.  FamilySearch Central no longer seems to display version but RM is


P.S.  My workaround is that I can use the button on the far right to copy FSID to clipboard.  I have to move the window left because for long time the FamilySearch Person Tools window always opens with the rightmost portion off the right edge of the desktop (the minimize button can be seen but the maximize and x and the Clipboard icon and Close button are off the right edge until I drag the window leftward).

What's New not showing people with changes

29 November 2017 - 06:33 PM

I've reported this in the past but can't seem to find it using Search.
One of the main features of RootsMagic I use is to click the icon for FamilySearch Central and Log in so that I can have your "What's New" show my people with changes in FamilyTree.
For the last couple weeks this has not worked.  The What's New window remains blank, never starting to count up.
I am using current version, Windows 10, fast internet, fast PC, etc.
I was trying to search for my previous reports, because I vaguely recall you may have asked me to delete some files in a folder and/or re-install something.  Although sometimes other users have reported that I am not alone in experiencing the problem.