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In Topic: Finding married females from basic Index

16 February 2018 - 07:10 PM

I guess if I ran into this issue more than once or twice a century, I'd use Name Find to search for the woman by her married name then add her married name as an Alternate Name and never worry about it again. As it is, I've just come to think of women by their maiden names and am often somewhat perplexed by the lengths some people go to in order to make sure you see her married name(s). I'm surprised that I actually have have not seen a woman named "Mrs. Joe Dokes" on Ancestry.com.  

In Topic: A way to replace master sources

14 February 2018 - 08:47 AM

One issue is that the Free Form template, doesn't really seem to have a template. So,  I can't really see what the fields are. It appears that the citation details are all contained in a Page field. So, as long as I'm merging into a book template. I should be OK. 

In Topic: How about creating a Suggestion/Features/Enhancement forum

14 February 2018 - 08:14 AM

General -> RootsMagic Wish List


That's back out to the main page and look almost all the way down at the bottom.

In Topic: Duplicate Birth, Marriage and Death facts

14 February 2018 - 08:12 AM

Merging databases is always laden with potential issues. 

  1. When you merge individuals, unless the common facts are identical in every respect, they get duplicated. You can tell which will be merged and which will be copied in the merge screen. The green are the same and get merged, the yellow ones get duplicated. 
  2. Any place names that differ in any way get duplicated in your place database. Same for place details. So if a duplicated burial is in "West Podunk, Iowa" but one is at "Sleepy Hollow Cemetery" and the other is at "Sleepy Hollow Cem." the details will be duplicated.
  3. Don't get me started on what happens to sources. In your example, your 2nd tree has only a single source, created from the "Family trees, undocumented" template.

In Topic: A way to replace master sources

12 February 2018 - 10:38 AM

Don - The source merge requires the FROM and TO templates to have the same fields. If the fields don't match, you are going to lose data that RM doesn't know how to handle.


Yes but I've been testing what @Nettie suggested and it seems to work. I'm not interested in merging two sources with different templates (e.g. Book-Basic Format > Website as a database). All I want to do is replace a free-form source with a templated source (e.g. free-form -> Book-Basic Format). I want the old source to go away. It seems that when you perform this merge the citation details get copied to the "Page" field, which is exactly what I want to happen 99% of the time. 


I open the old source for editing, copy all the information and paste to Notepad. Create a new master source from a template, pasting from Notepad and sometimes adding information from WorldCat.org. Then close the new source and merge the old one into the new one. Seems to work.