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Stuck in 'to-go mode' ?

27 November 2010 - 05:44 PM

I'm an old RM3 user, and finally was able to buy RM4 a while back. (Very impressed!!) When I tried to check for updates earlier, I kept getting the message that I was in 'To-Go Mode', and that I should use my desktop copy to check for updates.... I love the concept behind the "To-Go" option, but I seem to have no 'desktop copy' to revert to.

Downloaded the trial, then bought the program, and inputted my reg code, and have been working with it happily. But how do I get the program out of 'To-Go mode'? Running RootsMagic.exe doesn't do it. Still in 'To-Go' mode.

I do have the cd. How do I achieve the stay-at-home "desktop copy" that seems to be needed?