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Narrative Reports

07 June 2004 - 12:36 PM

I want to see some sort of tick box option to start each fact type and its supporting notes as a new paragraph. The way the program is set up to print narrative reports now, if you have notes included with your individual fact types, the fact description along with the notes all run together. It looks very sloppy. Sometimes you can not tell where one fact and its notes end and another begins. (I realize that you have the option not to include notes, but I would have not spent hours, months, years in gathering facts and notes and including them, if I did not want them to print in my reports)

As the narrative reports print out now, they are useless to me, when all the facts and their supporting notes run together.

Remember, I am not asking for this to be automatically formatted in a print out, I need to see an option for a tick box to be incorporated into the program allowing individual facts and supporting notes to be started as a new paragraph.