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In Topic: How to change a family fact?

26 January 2013 - 05:02 PM

How do you use this custom fact? An online dictionary defines "leiermål - sexual intercourse between people who is not married" (http://www.martinroe.com/eidhalist.htm). Do you set the date to nine months before the birth of the child? Is this fact/event even needed? That is, is it not equivalent to the child's birth parents having no Marriage fact? As they are the birth parents, we can reasonably conclude that they had sexual intercourse, even if it was indirect. Would deleting the fact or suppressing it from the GEDCOM output satisfy your friend's need?

Do you share the fact with the child? What would a parent's narrative sentence say? A child's?

Do built-in family facts (Census (family), residence (family)) also get interpreted as Marriage in Legacy?

The fact is used according to the tradition of the ministers. They set the date to the birth of the child, because the child was the proof that a Leiermål had taken place. My sentence shows as: X and Y had a child out of wedlock in 1779. The fact is not shared with the child.

You gave me an idea. The fact is not needed. I first record the parents without a Marriage fact, and afterwards with the fact Leiermål. I will see how it works when I delete the Leiermål fact.

I discovered this because I have been missing an important feature in RootsMagic, and that is an expansion of the narrative report - Ancestors with children. The report should be added an option to include all spouses and children. As mentioned, I work with genealogy for a whole parish, and that implies a lot of different trees. To get an overview I often make use of narrative reports of ancestors and is interested in a full picture like both of a man's marriages and the child his second wife got out of wedlock. The ancestor reports only give you blood lines. To solve the problem I earlier tried the program The Complete Genealogy Reporter by importing Gedcoms. I then discovered that Leiermål was turned into Marriage. Later the same happened in Legacy.

I haven't tested the other Family facts, because I don't use them. Instead I have an exstensive use of notes. For me that gives greater liberty to explain things.

The report I talk about have been on the Wish list several times. I still hope it will come because I like RM very much, because I feel it in many ways corresponds to my own way of thinking.

In Topic: How to change a family fact?

25 January 2013 - 11:22 AM

Check under Lists>Fact Type list that you don't have the Leiermål created as family fact. I believe Legacy would import family facts under the marriage section. Been a while since I've been in Legacy. Unfortunately in RootsMagic you can't make changes between Personal or Family facts. You would have to create a new Personal Fact and add that one person at a time.

Thanks for answering. I feared that is the only thing to do.

In Topic: A button for each spouse

08 February 2012 - 05:27 PM

I often work two databases open vertically. There is not enough room to have a button for each spouse.

I don't think I would like each spouse having their own button.

I would need to hover the cursor over each button to find the spouse I wanted before I could click on that button. With more than 2 spouses, that would be irritating if I couldn't remember which number the spouse was.

As it is, I click on the button and have the list of spouses to choose from or just to see the names of the other spouses.

There is no problem to have it like it is.
But I disagree with the argument against my wish. There is enough room even if you have two databases open at the same time. Each button can easily have the half width of todays button. And who uses a 14 inch monitor today?

Today you have to click twice to change to a new spouse. With my wish you only click once. In most cases there is one spouse, and also a lot of two spouses, but 3 or more is seldom. Just to take the cursor over 2-3 buttons is quickly done.

But most of all I think it will give an enhancement to the layout of the Family View.

In Topic: A button for each spouse

06 February 2012 - 04:46 PM

I agree if it must be done like that. But it mustn't be so. A common way to do this is that the name of the spouse appears when you take the cursor to the button. When you take the cursor to the camera icon in RootsMagic - it says - Edit Multimedia. Like that.