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Source for Ancestry and FamilySearch DB's

15 October 2017 - 11:03 AM

Life would have been so much simpler if I had settled on my source templates before I got 30,000 relatives in, so now I pay the price.  I am seeking assistance with the best source template (built in or designed) to use for online databases all of which come from Ancestry or FamilySearch (at least at this time).


I know Renee mentioned using one of the military record templates before and I have looked at that one.  I am also looking at one of the templates on Renee's site called 'Website with Multiple DB-URL in Citation' as well as the one called 'Website (with multiple databases)' that is built in.


My goal is one master source that I can use for both sites all though I would be willing to create a seperate source for each of the two sites.  I am also trying to do this in such a way as to be flexible if I should begin using other online sites with databases.


The only difference in the two named templates above is the part designated as being in the citation.  The fields are as follows in both:


1: Author

2: DatabaseTitle

3: CreatorOwner

4: WebsiteTitle

5: URL

6: AccessType

7: AccessDate

8: ItemOfInterest

9: ItemType

10: CreditLine


In the one without the URL, 6,7,8 are listed as Citation and in the other template 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 are listed as in the citation.  Since I am trying to lump these into a single source as opposed to having an individual source for each database I am assuming that I probably want to move everything except for maybe Author and CreatorOwner to the citiation, does this sound reasonable??  Second question is what do you put in specific fields?  For example I have a FamilySearch item and the citation that FamilySearch created is as follows:


"Wisconsin, County Marriages, 1836-1911," database, FamilySearch(https://familysearch...03/1:1:XRKZ-S75 : 3 June 2016), Mariah Shilts in entry for Emerson Allen and Delila Shilts, 28 Apr 1883; citing Boyd, Chippewa, Wisconsin, United States, Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison; FHL microfilm 1,275,831.


So I am assuming the database title would be 'Wisconsin, County Marriages, 1836-1911'.  So would FamilySearch be the Author and the CreatorOwner?  What would you consider the website title?  URL, AccessType and AccessDate are pretty self explanatory.


I am assuming the credit line would be 'citing Boyd, Chippewa, Wisconsin, United States, Wisconsin Historical Society' so what would be the ItemType?  Would that be the microfilm?  The ItemOfInterest would be 'Mariah Shilts in entry for Emerson Allen and Delila Shilts, 28 Apr 1883', yes??



I know that sourcing is very person specific but I am sure most of you have some type of best practices that has worked well for you, and that is what I am trying to tap into here. 


Thank you for reading this far!



The perfect obituary source template

14 July 2017 - 07:39 PM

I don't generally make my own templates but when I do, I can usually munge something together.  This time I can't seem to get what I want.


I am trying to create a template that will allow me to enter an obit regardless of where it came from (clipping book, physical paper, website etc.).  I currently am trying to modify the built in template named 'Newspaper, Print Edition'.


Since obits seldom have a listed author, I deleted the [Author] and [Article] lines.  I am thinking it would be adequate in the footnote template to have something like:

Obituary, Ottumwa, Iowa Courier, June 4 2003, Kenneth Funk, page 2, col 1


So far what I have come up with is (for the footnote template):

[ItemType], <i>[PubPlace][Newspaper]</i>, [IssueDate], [Subject] <,page [Page]> <,column [Column]>


That means I have (or will) get rid of [NewspaperPlace], [SpecificContent] and [Annotation].  I have added [Page] and [Column] fields.  Is there anything else I should really have in this source, or any good suggestions (or even the loan of your template) that someone might be willing to suggest? Should I have something optional to note whether it came from a a newspaper site, funeral home site, physical paper etc.???


I am ok with lumping this all under an obituary source.  I don't want or need to have an individual source for each newspaper.  I literally have thousands of obits that I have gathered over the last 35 years and I am just now beginning to enter them as sources.  I have been really terrible about entering sources as I go along.


Eventually I plan to modify the obit for other types of annoucements such as weddings, anniversaries and so forth so I am trying to make this source template flexible enough I can alter it accordingly.

Sentence and source template webinars

24 February 2017 - 11:51 AM

In webinar 48 Bruce said that there are two planned webinars, one for just sentence templates and one for just source templates.  Are these still planned?  Webinar 48 is nearly 4 years old now.  I am just getting started on working with the template language but I always appreciate some good explanation in addition to my wading through the docs.