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In Topic: Duplicate Sources & Source Templates

29 October 2017 - 09:42 AM

I have just discovered that this is also happening to me.  Yes, it is a custom source, specifically one of the findagrave.com source templates that I downloaded from Renee's page some time back.  I modified that template slightly and saved it with a new name.  Never had a problem until recently, then I suddenly had 8 copies when I went to use the source later.  I am using 7.5.4 so I mistakenly assumed it was fixed by now since the topic is nearing 2 years old.

In Topic: Family Tree Maker 2017, Roots Magic 7.5 and Ancestry

02 September 2017 - 11:59 PM

I wish Rootsmagic had ignored an Ancestry sync feature that won't work well and perhaps figured out a simple way to generate leaf hints from a Gedcom import. Then they could have put real effort into a native mac version. Apple owns the consumer high end computer market and those potential customers have good choices other than Rootsmagic.

I wouldn't say Apple owns much of anything in the regular computer market.  They were hanging in around 7% last I checked and they had lost market share over the last couple of years.  Most of their money comes from other devices now, phones, watches, iPods, iPads etc.  With that small of a market share, software developers are going to focus on where they can generate a decent revenue stream and whether we like it or not, PC's have a many times larger slice of the pie.  I would say that a good mobile app for tablets (iPads included) would generate better revenue that spending a lot of time on a native Mac program.  Software devs got to eat too!

In Topic: The perfect obituary source template

15 July 2017 - 09:43 AM



Is the template that you posted a sentence template for an obituary fact or do you use that as the footnote template in an obituary source?  I ask because if I recall you have a different way of presenting your facts (dot notation or something like that?), which is I find the post again, I need to read a little more in depth on.  If it is the footnote template, which details do show in the short footnote and bibliography templates?


I am currently using it as an example for my obit source.  I created a new source template and added the fields that you list as well as the column field that I want.  I will see how that works out.  In my master source, all I have is that it is an obituary.  All the other fields I have as citation details.

In Topic: Starting data entry from oldest ancestor?

12 April 2017 - 08:14 PM

I suspect we all have our own "at a minimum" lists.  In my world the autosort of children isn't on it.  I don't find clicking on a parent then clicking Edit -> Rearrange -> Children to be overly inconvenient.  I would truly prefer updates mobile versions that work.  The iPad version doesn't if you have too many files in your RM Dropbox folder because the .rmgc file it at the very bottom of the list which hides behind the bottom bar where you select from Files, Tools etc.  I would also prefer a version of Rootsmagic that doesn't use those damn modal windows.  It makes several tasks much harder to do in my particular workflow.  I am also waiting for the day that the RM user interface gets updated to UWP instead of the Windows 7 and before interface.


Maybe if we were all willing to pay $59.99 for our software instead of $19.99 then we would get all of these "at a minimum" ideas faster.  I suspect most of us are not willing to pay that so we get things more slowly than we would like.

In Topic: How detailed are your facts

02 April 2017 - 04:02 PM

You are likely to get a different answer from everyone who responds.  But what I do on cases similar to what you describe is to put the details into the notes.  Something like "Ken's father was in the military so he moved frequently as his father was assigned to new posts."  Then I go ahead and detail where the father was stationed and in some cases I added school info.  "Ken attended kindergarten and first grade in Norfolk, VA while his father while his father was stationed at ..... (whatever base name)".


There is no way I want to enter an event for every move.  Not when I can write it more as a bio.