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In Topic: Gedcom a tree

17 August 2006 - 09:57 PM

I just found your response Alfred. I just posted how I had done the gedcom export by making a new database.
I did not take it a step further in the export gedcom choice to see the choices. I will give it a try - anything to make it easier is great. laugh.gif

In Topic: Splitting Data Base

17 August 2006 - 09:49 PM

I had a similar problem, which I may have listed on another forum.
I wanted to be able to export a gedcom of a selected family tree from a root person rather than select individual members and export them. Selecting names out of hundreds can be challenging blink.gif .
I solved the problem for now by creating a new database, named for the desired root person.
I then add the root person into the new database, typing his or her name as the first individual in the database.
Having both the original and new databases open, I then "click and drag" the original person into his or her name in the new database. Up pops a menu asking if ancestors, spouses, descendants, etc... are to be copied as well. I mark the choice and Wow biggrin.gif , a whole new database of a selected tree. I can now make a specific gedcom file from the new database.