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Jerry Bryan

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Better filtering for narrative reports

23 May 2018 - 03:08 PM

See the thread at http://forums.rootsm...ees/#entry89405 for additional background.


I wish for the following.

  • The ability to limit the people included in narrative reports to named groups.
  • The ability to use group membership in the marking and unmarking dialog used for color coding and making groups. You can already color code based on group membership, but that is not even remotely equivalent to the ability to mark and unmark based on membership in named groups.
  • The ability to filter all main views by named group, not just the people view.



New "Program Reset" Features

12 April 2018 - 09:33 AM

  • I wish for a Menu Bar or Tool Bar way to reset program options without having to do a Ctrl+Shift+U. For most users most of the time, they wouldn't know that the Ctrl+Shift+U  feature exists. If it was in the Menu Bar or Tool Bar then they would stand a chance to find it.
  • I wish for an option like Ctrl+Shift+U  except that it would only reset login options for things like FamilySearch without resetting all my other options. Or perhaps Ctrl+Shift+U  could bring up a list of items to be reset and each item could have a check box to turn on or off.


FS/FT WebHint in RM is not there in FS/FT

13 March 2018 - 12:16 PM

This is probably a problem in FS/FT itself rather than a problem in RM, or possibly it's a user error on my part in FS/FT. But the problem arises out of clicking on a WebHint in RM. So I thought I would start by asking here to see if anybody knows the solution.


RM reports three FS/FT WebHints for John England person LB4X-DSP in FS/FT. The first two hints are for Tennessee, County Marriages, 1790-1950 and for Tennessee State Marriage Index, 1780-2002. Both hints are correct and I approved them without incident. The third hint is for Tennessee Marriages, 1796-1950 and it is also correct. However, I can't approve it. When I click on Review and Attach, the screen that comes up doesn't have anything that can be clicked on to complete the approval.


Well, never mind. Upon further review, there is an error indicator on the third WebHint that says this WebHint can't be attached to this John England because it's already attached to a different John England in FS/FT. It appears that the two John Englands need to be merged in FS/FT. If that turns out to be the case, I will do so and then I'm confident that FS/FT will let me approve RM's third WebHint for my John England.


This is an interesting situation. I have merged people in FS/FT lots of times before, but this is the first time I discovered that two people needed to be merged in FS/FT because of a WebHint in RM. That's pretty neat that it happened that way. What's not so neat, I think, is the user interface within FS/FT itself. Where it offers me the opportunity to Review and Approve or to Reject the hint, I think it should offer me a third option that says that there is a conflict in the hint that is preventing it from being approved. After you click on the Review and Approve option, the next screen that comes up does include the conflict and the conflict is in plain sight. But the conflict is hiding in plain sight. It's in a very different part of the screen than the place where you normally click for approval, and the place where you normally click for approval is missing. So the verdict is: user error on my part, with the user error having been assisted (in my opinion) by poor user interface design in the part of FS/FT. Plus, RM is doing everything right and I never would have discovered this problem in FS/FT without the assistance of RM.


I thought about cancelling this message without posting it, but perhaps it might help somebody else some day.



Making a Named Group During Any Automated Merge

31 January 2018 - 08:08 PM

It is requested that all of RM's automated merge processes support an option to add each newly merged individual to a Named Group of the users's choice (including making a new Named Group specifically for the current merge). A new group created in this manner could serve as a "to do" list of individuals who might need post-merge cleanup. As a user performs any such post-merge clean-up, they could easily remove the cleaned up individual from the group with QuickGroups.




A More Targeted Ctrl-Shift-U

23 October 2017 - 06:56 AM

Doing a Ctrl-Shift-U to reset RM default settings is frequently recommended to solve any number of ills with a user's RM installation. A common problem is password problems with ancestry or familysearch. The Ctrl-Shift-U has the effect of resetting all RM default settings, and doing so usually does solve whatever problem is being addressed.


However, the Ctrl-Shift-U has the adverse effect of resetting all RM default settings, not just the one which is causing the problem. The Ctrl-Shift-U is much too obscure for most users to find on their own, and it's much too global in its effects. After a successful Ctrl-Shift-U, it can take a user a long time to get all their settings restored. Therefore, I wish for the ability for RM to display a list of all RM default settings with the list being easy to find within the RM user interface. And I wish for the ability for users to reset each default setting on an individual and case by case basis without changing any of the other settings. 




P.S. I can be very literal at times and "... display a list of all RM default settings" means all, unlike Find Evertwhere which doesn't really find everywhere.