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In Topic: Change Registration

26 October 2020 - 07:09 AM

A CTL-U from within RM will reset the RM product registration key on one of your two computers. At this point, you can enter your other product key so that one computer is running on one product key and the other computer is running on the other product key. That way each computer can have their own separate account at myrootsmagic.com, which is the need your household has that needs to be met. And after all, you have paid for both product keys.


CTL-U is a rather global reset, so after doing so you will need to re-establish things like RM's default folders and any saved passwords. But it does cause any data to be lost.



In Topic: where to put a life history

24 October 2020 - 07:15 AM

I have a user defined fact for individuals called Narrative and another one for couples called Family Narrative. I usually include items such as your mother's life history in RM's Note field for the Narrative or Family Narrative fact. The only thing that really prints is the Note field, but I use the Date field and Sort Date field to place the facts in the appropriate locations in RM's reports. 


Stories such as your mother's life history to me are classic examples of information that is both a fact and a source. Depending on how long your mother's life history is, embedding it in a narrative report of some kind with the rest of the family may or may not be the best presentation and the life history might be best used only as a source. An alternative to embedding it within a larger report might be to make it into a separate chapter using RM's Publisher feature. And there is always the possibility that the best tool to present your mother's life history might not be RM. It might be RM's Personal Historian product or it might be Microsoft Word (or something equivalent to Personal Historian or Microsoft Word).



In Topic: Changing a FACT type

21 October 2020 - 06:38 PM

RM's family facts are not "shared" - not the Marriage fact, not the Divorce fact, and not the Census (family) fact. Rather, they are linked to a single family and the two spouses are then linked to the same family. In GEDCOM terms, the family facts are linked to FAM/FAMS tags and the two spouses are linked to the same FAM/FAMS tags. By contrast, RM's individual facts are linked to individual people in RM and they are linked to INDI tags in GEDCOM.


RM's shared facts work differently and require the creation of roles and witnesses. The witnesses are doubly linked - to the original fact in one direction and to the other person in the other direction.


I don't think ancestry or TMG really use the same model as RM and GEDCOM for family facts. Rather, I think it's more like a Marriage fact or a Divorce fact or a Census (family) fact is an individual fact which is duplicated for you automatically in TMG and ancestry. You enter enter the fact once and the fact is duplicated for you. Well, that may not be 100% accurate, but that's the way it feels. And in any case, however TMG and ancestry do it internally, they have to be able to convert back and forth between the data model for family facts that is used both by RM and by GEDCOM. So TMG and ancestry can't do things so differently that what they do can't be converted to and from GEDCOM.


I did try using RM's shared facts for census data briefly before I realized how poorly RM's shared facts work with other genealogy software. I'm a sample size of one, but honestly using RM's shared facts in this manner didn't save me any time. That's because I still needed to customize the note field and the role sentence differently for each family member to get them to read the way I wanted. I also discovered that such customization was lost even within RM on a drag and drop. So for me, the extra work of making separate Census facts for each family member met my needs better and didn't really cost me any extra time as compared to using shared facts. I would repeat that I'm a sample size of one.



In Topic: How do you Privatize a Fact so default is Private

20 October 2020 - 07:50 AM

Removing all of the check marks from the 'include' list does not prevent the fact type from being uploaded to Ancestry via TreeShare. 


The same problem also exists when uploading to MyRootsMagic.


There really does need to be a way to mark a Fact Type as private. I hope that this item being on the enhancement request list might mean that it will be implemented in RM8.1 or RM8.2, in other words, sometime soon after RM8.0 is out the door.



In Topic: Photo locations

20 October 2020 - 07:44 AM

There isn't a report that lists your files with broken links. The best you can do is to scan visually looking for the red X's. Such visual scanning can be difficult if you have hundreds or even thousands of media files linked into RM. To me, the lack of a good way to identify all your broken media links is a design flaw in RM7 that I hope is corrected in RM8.