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In Topic: Removing media from one person

Today, 03:14 PM

Here is a very minor caution which should not affect most RM users most of the time.


The way RM manages media files (including such things as the Fix Broken Links tool) depends on every media file used by RM having a unique name, distinct from every other media file used by RM. That sounds obvious enough, I suppose. But from the Windows perspective, for example, lots of different files on your computer can have exactly the same file name provided they are stored in different folders. Indeed, if you have different files in different folders which have the same file name, it can confuse the Fix Broken Link tool in RM. It might point RM to a file that has the right file name but which is not in the folder in which you intend.


To that end, the Fix Broken Links tool has a feature whereby you can tell it the location on your disk where it is supposed to look for the files with the broken links. And even if you don't have different files in different folders which has the same file name, it can speed up the tool considerably if you point the tool at a folder structure containing the files with the broken link. Otherwise, the tool might have to look at your entire hard disk which could take a very long time.


The way your disk files are arranged where a folder got too big and all you wanted to do was to split it into sub-folders is perfect for the Fix Broken links tool.



In Topic: Group editing of database

Today, 01:50 PM

The two suggestions Tom made are probably your best bet. I certainly don't have anything better to suggest. However, be aware that both FamilySearch Family Tree and Ancestry Member Tree use a very different data model from RM and from each other.


For example, RM supports a note on each fact - a birth note, a marriage note, a death note, etc. - and Ancestry Member Tree only supports a note for the general person - for the person as a whole. RM tries to store its fact notes at Ancestry Member Tree, but such notes are not formatted correctly at Ancestry Member Tree. A complete discussion of these issues is much too long for one message.  I would suggest that you research these issues and if you decide to collaborate using these tools, then try to use only those features of RM that best transfer to and from FSFT and/or AMT.



In Topic: Removing media from one person

Today, 01:40 PM

The Change media file option brings up another situation I encountered.  I have a folder called Census which I had all of my census images in.  It got very large (several hundreds). So, I created sub folders for each year (1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, etc.). When I moved the files into the new folders, the media became invalid. I went into every person and re-added the media file and of course removed the old media.  Would there have been a better way to accomplish this?


As long the media files were only moved to a different folder and were not renamed, you can fix it with Lists->Media Gallery->Fix broken media links. It will fix all of the broken links, all in one go.



In Topic: Removing media from one person

Yesterday, 09:31 PM

I wonder if the Remove option should be available in the Media Album. Its presence there seems like an accident waiting to happen.


Obviously the Remove option has to be available in the Media Gallery.




In Topic: Places with names

Yesterday, 12:14 PM

The feature you are talking about doesn't exist in RM in quite the same form. The closest equivalent in RM is to go to the Place List, select a place, and click Print. It will give you a list of all the events that occurred at that place (birth of John Doe, death of Jane Doe, etc.). The Place List is not "always there in the right side bar". It's just a static report. Sometimes the best way to use the Place List report is to save it to a file or to print it on paper. You can't readily go back and forth from the report to people.


For cleanup, you can go through the Place List and make any changes you wish to any place and the changes will apply to all instances of the place. Also, you may encounter duplicate or variant spellings of the same place in the Place List. If so, you can merge the duplicates or variants together.


Finally, RM has a feature called DataClean, and an option under DataClean is called PlaceClean. It can be very useful for cleaning up your place names.