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In Topic: GEDCOM Export

23 April 2012 - 09:21 PM

I rec'd the following info regarding the errors:

"It didnít import anyone, had about 20,550 errors..."

GEDCOM Import Log - 23 Apr 2012
File: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Albrecht_Zeyr.GED
Created by:
Submitted by: Unknown
Individuals: 0
Marriages: 0
Sources: 0
Repositories: 0
Errors: 20544

The following lines in the GEDCOM file could not be processed due to unrecognizable tags or invalid data:

ERROR 1: Albrecht_Zeyr.GED, line 1: Bad level number.

ERROR 2: Level number doesn't increment by one. Skipped lines 2 through 2.


ERROR 291: Albrecht_Zeyr.GED, line 350: Ignoring unexpected tag 'PLAC'.

2 PLAC the Circuit Court of Cook County, (Chicago) IL

ERROR 292: Albrecht_Zeyr.GED, line 351: Ignoring unexpected tag 'NOTE'.

2 NOTE George Gangloff was Jake's witness.

ERROR 293: Albrecht_Zeyr.GED, line 352: Ignoring unexpected tag 'RESI'.


ERROR 294: Albrecht_Zeyr.GED, line 353: Ignoring unexpected tag 'DATE'.

2 DATE 1905


ERROR 20539: Albrecht_Zeyr.GED, line 23078: Ignoring unexpected tag 'ABBR'.

1 ABBR Medical

ERROR 20540: Albrecht_Zeyr.GED, line 23079: Ignoring unexpected tag 'SENT'.

1 SENT [Person] had [Desc:AnA] [PlaceDetails] [Place] [Date]

ERROR 20541: Albrecht_Zeyr.GED, line 23080: Ignoring unexpected tag 'PLAC'.


ERROR 20542: Albrecht_Zeyr.GED, line 23081: Ignoring unexpected tag 'DATE'.


ERROR 20543: Albrecht_Zeyr.GED, line 23082: Ignoring unexpected tag 'DESC'.


ERROR 20544: Can't find HEAD record at the beginning of the file.

In Topic: GEDCOM Export

23 April 2012 - 08:08 PM

No specifics were given.

However, this did work (for one person thus far). I saved the GEDCOM using RM Export function. I brought that GEDCOM into Family Tree Maker Ver 9; it imported w/out problem into .FTW format. I then used FTM9 to save its file to GEDCOM with "PAF" option. THAT FILE was sent to my contact, and it imported w/out problem.

I have asked that person if she can clarify the error she received.

In Topic: GEDCOM Export

23 April 2012 - 07:59 PM

We need more details on why they are not successful in importing into PAF. Is there an error message, etc.?