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In Topic: How to create a custom report of Person Sources?

23 February 2015 - 09:40 PM



Try the Wall Chart report found under Reports>Chart>Wall Chart.


Just as Renee remarked for the narrative reports, the ancestor chart does not help.  But try the descendant chart staring with your great grandfather.


I tested the wall chart display for one of my gr-gr-gr grandfathers with 3 wives and 13 children.


To make it look more interesting, try to color code your branch of ancestors.  Also try to color code the descendants of the other gr-grandmother.  Collisions of color coding keep the last one used.



Thanks very much for your tip on colour coding different branches - it has made the report a lot more interesting :-)



In Topic: How to create a custom report of Person Sources?

23 February 2015 - 09:38 PM

The ancestor narrative report won't include both spouses and children. Only the line you come through. The descendant report will show them. The only way to get all children listed is to add them to the spouse you are related to as step-children. The relationship won't show on the report but it will include them. The other option is to share the child's birth fact with your direct line ancestor. But then its not in a neat list with the other children. 



Thanks for your reply.  I decided to add the children as step children and then created a report which this time did have them appearing  :-)  


It's a pity you don't get the option of having the step children showing in the ancestor report as it does in the descendants report.


Thanks again



In Topic: How to create a custom report of Person Sources?

19 February 2015 - 06:25 PM

You can use a search filter of Source (General) to get a list of people who have General [Person] sources or color code them according to the criteria for the sources that you enter.

I have a Group of people who have General sources:

Source (General), exists

I put the main view on Timeline.

I can highlight each person and click on the check mark to bring up the Citation Manager for the General sources for that person.

The search filter for General (Person) notes is Note (General).

Family notes and sources search criteria is Note (Family) and Source (Family).

There is not a report just showing sources other than the Source list and it is all the sources or just one and it cannot be filtered by search criteria.




Many thanks for your detailed reply :)


It took me a while to get the report I was looking for but once I found the area where you select people by Data Fields I was then able to select Source General and hey presto I had the list I was wanted.


I don't suppose you know how to produce an ancestor report that will show my Gr Grandfather's 2 wives and children from both his wives?  I have him & his first wife with 2 children as one family and him and his 2nd wife and their 2 children as another family but for some reason the reports I try don't include all his 4 children - any ideas? 


Thanks once again for your help.



In Topic: How to create a custom report of Person Sources?

18 February 2015 - 08:57 AM

I do one of two ways.  Go to Reports/Research Reports   There are several choices, I use the Research Notes, then check the two boxes, that gives you the notes in the Detailed Text and Comments with the Source as a footnote.  There are other choices there also.  Another way I do it, is do the Individual Summary with the Sources and use that as my list.  Or if it is a family you want the sources for Family Group Sheet, It all depends on what results you are looking for. The Source List gives you all the sources in the database. No matter which one you choose, I always save them as .rtf so I can use them in Excel or MSWord. Good way to catch dups in my database. 


Nettie, Many thanks for your reply.  I will try your suggested ways of creating the report but I'm sure I've tried these ways but didn't get the result I'm was looking for.  I will let you know if I'm successful.


Thanks again

In Topic: How to create a custom report of Person Sources?

18 February 2015 - 08:45 AM

Do you mean by Person Sources only those accessed via the checkbox beside the Person's name in the Edit Person screen?


Thanks for your reply Tom,  yes I do mean those sources :-)  do you know how to create a report just showing them?