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31 August 2006 - 02:22 PM

QUOTE(John_of_Ross_County @ Jul 30 2006, 10:24 PM) View Post

This sounds like a problem previously reported. I do not have Windows XP and am not able to test it.

Did you install RootsMagic with an administrator account and then try to use it from a user account? Are the data files in the administrator account and are you using the user account?

Thanks for your help. I didn't install RootsMagic with an administrator account and unfortunately the problem persists. I have also been searching on this site to see if there has been a similar problem but with no success. I contacted tech support and was given a few suggestions but these have been of no use whatsoever so the problem continues and the program lays dormant on my desktop. Hopefully tech support will come up with the solution.

QUOTE(Paddy @ Aug 3 2006, 09:04 AM) View Post

I have been in that situation or similar ones plenty and it is frustrating especially if no one replies to your message. So though I don't know if I am able to help or not, we are listening. I suggest you copy and post the actual error message to this site so others can see it or at least know what it said. May help. Also you could contact technical support by clicking on the help tab in RootsMagic. It realy is worth the effort and I hope you get it sorted out quickly. I will watch this site for your posting.
Good Luck

Hi Paddy,
Thanks for your support. smile.gif
I can't copy the error message here because it is Spanish (I live in Spain hence computer gear & windows is all in spanish). The message that appears when ever I use the edit person window and try to add or edit facts is the usual windows xp message that appears indicating that an error has beeen found in the said program and windows is closing the program down and it does that close down RootsMagic. As mentioned above I have contact tech support but suggestions were of no help so am waiting further help.