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Ver 7.5: Marriage Facts & Child Import

06 July 2017 - 11:25 AM

So far I'm finding ver 7.5 working well with the Ancestry connections.  However, today I notice two issues that may need to be fixed.


First, when importing a Marriage fact from Ancestry RM does not offer the opportunity to associate that event with a spouse.  It creates a single event for that person, rather than asking the user to "verify" the person's spouse and embed their name into the marriage fact.  While you can properly D/L the Ancestry marriage info to each spouse, you'll still have to create a marriage event in RM to connect the spouses with that information (if that's your desire) and then delete the individual marriage facts D/Ld from Ancestry.


Second Item.  I inadvertently added a child (from an Ancestry tree) to its mother (in RM) without first adding the child's father to RM. When I did add the father it somehow created a duplicate child with a new record number.  When I inspected my RM pedigree tree for each I found the child added without its father having been entered created a "mini" family consisting of 4 people - each was a replication of the "phantom" child, but all 4 had the same record number.  Deleting the leftmost child in RM removed all 4 persons.  In hind sight it may have been helpful if I had captured the screen image of that "mini family" tree...