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16 February 2014 - 01:46 AM

I submit a "Break it down for me" Setup Proceedure for those of us, who need a little more Help.
Hi, I have been working on getting mine setup for about 2 days. I consider myself at least an Intermediate for pc/programs, this one gave me a run for my money. LOL. I'm on a T-Mobile LG phone. B)
1. download app to your phone.
2.Open app. Create the DROPBOX account. if you've never used, its basically a Storage/Share/Retrival program. Very nice, very dependant, and easy to use. *I already had an account* You'll have folders. Once you have Dropbox on your app, you've got to "DROP" your family tree file into it. Here's the rub, it can't be a GedCom, nor the rootsmagic backup file (RMGB) has to be a (RMGC). I used help and online, to figure out why I couldn't Export a file with that extension. I obviously should have known that the Main file, IS that extension. Learned something new. :) So, since everything is jumbled on my laptop, I created a New RM's file, gave it a sure to find Name... I went, File>New>Walk thru the process, however you like to do it(I did the Import>I know where File is way) .
Once done, mine saved it to MY DOCUMENTS on my laptop. And there's the file w/the RMGC extension, ready to go.
3.I was able to right click and Send to Dropbox(*and then had to move exampleSmith2014 to the correct Dropbox folder*....
OR I opened Dropbox and I could "drag n drop" it to the(A)Online version OR the (B)Computer Folder.(Note* I already had Dropbox on my laptop, so that may or may not make a difference)
I dragged my newly created (exampleSmith2014.rmgc) file and dropped it in the (Apps>Rootsmagic) folder, by having 2 windows opened. One was the My Documents and the other the Dropbox. I then waited while it synced up, which took less than 10 minutes on my system. Then I went to my phone App, and followed the instructions... I clicked Dropbox in the App menu, and there was my (exampleSmith2014) file.
I sure hope this helps someone else, I felt like a Goof not knowing, about the extensions, even After reading all the forum postings. I also, posted on Google Play, that the app needs more info on Setup, and upgrades to features. Good Luck & Happy Hunting!