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Multimedia "Restore to" going to wrong folder

10 December 2018 - 07:26 PM

When doing a backup on one computer and restore to another computer, multimedia files are being restored to the wrong folder, resulting in broken links. Here is my setup.


In RM on both my desktop computer and notebook computer, I have specified the following folder as the location of my multimedia files:

     C:\Users\Owner\Dropbox\Genealogy\RootsMagic\Data files\Media


and the location of my data files on both machines is:

     C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Genealogy\RootsMagic\Data Files


and on both machines, my backup files are located in:



Next, I do a backup (including media) on my notebook computer and then restore to my desktop. I specify that the folder to which I am restoring my files is:

     C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Genealogy\RootsMagic\Data Files

and I answer “yes” when asked if I want to restore multimedia files.


My problem is that the restored multimedia files end up in the Documents folder on my desktop computer instead of in the Dropbox folder that I specified in Program Options/Folders:

     C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Genealogy\RootsMagic\Data Files\media

This results in broken links in RM on my desktop computer.


How can I fix this so that when using restore, the multimedia files end up in the Dropbox folder that is specified in Program Options/Folders, not in the Documents folder?