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In Topic: Saving CD settings

29 May 2007 - 05:36 PM

AMEN!, This much needed. Ron

In Topic: RM publisher output to .rtf files for editing

22 May 2007 - 08:22 PM

I may have just duplicated your last reply. Sorry! one issue at a time.

1') Yes the problem of not getting RM publisher to complete a document seems the same as Larry's. So I unchecked in properties so the .rtf report would just create a file. The error messages occur as RM publish is running as I have not yet passed the file on to MSword to be converted. No other program eccept RM is running eccept "autostart stuff". How do I change Windows Virtual Memory if this is the issue?

2.) I understand the index issue with rtf reports once they are completed.

3.) The "missing" pictures are "present" in the regular reports from either reports or publish out to "printer/screen", the trees shown in RM and the multimedia lists. They are in a RootsMagic/pictures dir.

4.) Didn't understand the comment re: reports folders. Was this regarding the "invisible" .rtf files I found with Widows Explorer?

5.) My comments re: putting out a PDF file from either "reports" or "publisher" are because they are repaginated but I am unaware of a way to not index the regular report and THEN have ADOBE re-index based on its pagination. I thought the idea of the PDF format was to be able to transport a report or publication to a media which allows one print, email, etc with a "universal" format. As in my case I planned to take my PDF output BOOK to kinko so they could print duplicate copies for me.

I hope this is more clearly stated and thanks for your patients. Should mention I am using a XP not VISTA, 2 gig RAM, 2.?? processing speed, About 30 G free space on HD, database of 4100+ individuals, the "book" I am stiving for is around 150 pages. Must I break it up into Vol. 1, 2, etc?

In Topic: RM publisher output to .rtf files for editing

22 May 2007 - 07:35 PM

QUOTE(Alfred @ May 22 2007, 04:44 PM) View Post

It might have been better to keep this on the same thread as the original post, since it is still the same problem. Do you mean the original message from Larry Oats about not being able to finish the publisher report?
That is quite likely a problem with shortage of memory. Do you have the Windows Virtual memory set large enough? Even then, sometimes it is too slow or something and you still get the out of memory error.

RTF Report, to Word will probably be paged differently than the Screen/Printer output because Word probably has different margin settings. And, if the codes are showing when you do the index, the pagination will be off in the printed output.

Pictures? If you get only an icon, then the picture cannot be found, it probably won't show up in that person's multimedia listing either.

Publish and report versions will show up in the Printouts folder if you have set the Folders option for RootsMagic. About the only thing that goes in the reports folder is the template for Custom reports, not the finished reports.

The same here as before, the pages may slip a bit because of margins, picture size differences etc. Each kind of report should generate it's own index. You don't copy the index from one to another.
The Index in RTF must be generatd by the word processor. The codes you see are the Index markers, and are used by the word processor to INSERT the index.

In Topic: Multiple Narrative Reports in RM publisher

22 May 2007 - 09:52 AM

Thanks again for your help. I will try the .rtf route again. This time I will create only the file then open msword.
I am one of them thar folks from KY so it is OK!

In Topic: Multiple Narrative Reports in RM publisher

21 May 2007 - 08:50 PM

Thx John, See my reply to Alfred above. I see what you tried to do. My folks are so intertwined that it may be impossible. Is it acceptable to publish them this way?? Ron