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Sharing Source Records with Family Tree

13 October 2013 - 07:16 AM

I'm excited about the new ability to share sources. However I'm puzzled. I have never used the Master text field for saving information for an individual. My use of RM shows that any information I put in the Master text field shows up on every use of the specific source template. For example, I have only one template for U.S. 1880 census records. If I store anything in Master text, it shows up in every use of this template, which seems to make it not usable for storing information specific to an individual. I have used the 1880 census template thousands of times. I can't imagine creating a new 1880 census template for each use. Instead I have been using the Detail text field for storing unique information for each individual. That way I can reuse the 1880 census template over and over again.

So how am I supposed to use this new feature? I have over ten thousand records most which have 1-6 sources. I want to be able to have a single template for things like U.S. census records. How is that supposed to work? Using the Master text field doesn't make sense to me. Am I doing this wrong?